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7 Habits That Affect Heart Health

7 Habits That Affect Heart Health

The heart is one of the most crucial organs in the body that supports life. It is important to take good care of it and avoid habits that are likely to expose it to danger. The actions that you do now are likely to determine the health of your heart in future. The following habits may damage your heart:

Sedentary life

Sitting around for too long with no social interaction is likely to damage your heart. Living a sedentary life most of the time is a cause of depression and this in turn worries your heart. To keep your heart safe, start adopting an interactive social lifestyle. Talking to people, sharing jokes and laughing is actually good for your heart. A lifestyle that is full of life keeps the heart alive.

Overindulgence in alcohol

Too much alcohol may be causing a lot of harm to your heart. This is because of the lifestyle diseases associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. Alcohol exposes you to diseases like high blood pressure which poses danger to the heart. Studies have shown that excess alcohol disrupts normal rhythm of the heart. To keep the heart healthy, women should not drink more than one glass of alcohol while men should restrict their intake to two glasses.

Too much salt

Salt might be good for health but it is dangerous to the heart when taken in excessive amounts. Sodium, an ingredient in common table salt, causes high blood pressure which is a risk factor of heart diseases. Avoid habits like using the salt shaker on the table or salty foods like chips, canned meats and all foods rich in salt. The higher the salt intake, the more you expose yourself to heart related conditions.


Stress can also be causing damage to your heart without you realizing it. When we are stressed, the heart rate increases, adrenaline levels raise and all these activities put a strain on the heart. These symptoms also cause high blood pressure a risk factor for heart diseases. Stress affects blood vessels and can cause a stroke and other lifestyle diseases that eventually lead to heart disease.

Habits That Affect Heart Health

Lack of sleep

Sleep is important to keep the body healthy and lack of it might damage your heart. The average adult is expected to sleep for at least 7 hours a day. Anything less than this is detrimental to your health. When you get enough sleep, the cardiovascular system rests and all body activities are at rest. The heart beat is well regulated when we sleep which in turn keeps the heart healthy.

Poor eating habits

It is important to only eat the recommended portions and keep the diet balanced. For instance carbs should take a quarter of your plate, proteins a quarter and a half of the plate should be for fruits and veggies. Most people tend to over eat especially when it comes to carbs. This leads to obesity which is likely to cause heart related conditions.


Smoking is not only bad for your health but also your heart. We all know the dangers of smoking like lung cancer and many other diseases, but the truth is that smoking is even worse for your heart. This is for both direct and passive smokers. Smoking clogs the important arteries that transport blood to your heart and this damages the heart.

Most of these habits seem difficult to avoid but with discipline we can avoid them. Some of these habits like stress may seem like they are beyond our control but once you identify the source of your problem you are in a better position to deal with it. Taking care of your heart is taking care of your health.

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