Wakunaga was founded in 1955 to promote health worldwide using research, development and manufacturing of high quality medicinal herbal formulas. Wakunaga formulates their products using biotechnology to produce formulas that offer excellent results. By combining Western medicine with Eastern medicine, Wakunaga provides you with pharmaceutical grade nutritional and herbal supplements.

Wakunaga supplements contain no sodium, yeast, dairy, gluten or sugar. Additionally, these supplements are free from preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. Wakunaga Kyolic Formulas are made using organically grown garlic that is aged to perfection. Then, the company’s unique extraction process created beneficial compounds while eliminating odor. The formula reduces risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease. Other formulas include EstroLogic which offers a unique combination of black cohosh, soybean isoflavones and motherwort extract to eliminate menopausal symptoms. Wakunaga also offers Ginkgo Biloba Plus caps which combines garlic, Siberian ginseng and ginkgo Biloba to improve memory, concentration and overall mental acuity.

Wakunaga follows the high quality standards that were put into place 59 years ago. Each product is manufactured following the guidelines set forth by the World Health Organization’s Good Manufacturing Practices. Additionally, Wakunaga has been recognized for their compliance with international quality standards by obtaining the ISO 9002 certification. The company has demonstrated its commitment to quality by implementing innovations into the company’s quality assurance department and automated manufacturing facilities. The company’s research takes place in their state of the art manufacturing and quality control laboratories.

Wakunaga has been providing medicinal herbal formulas to promote health and increase longevity for almost 60 years. The company uses biotechnology findings to produce effective formulas that are potent and pure. By coupling Western medicine with Eastern herbal remedies, Wakunaga is able to provide you with nutritional supplements that are free from known allergens, including artificial preservatives, colors and flavors. Try one of their nutritional supplements and see the difference a little garlic in your diet can make.