Metagenics Supplements




Metagenics is a 30-year-old nutraceutical foods company that is dedicated to helping people take control of their health and their destiny to live happier lives. From vitamins to protein powders for detoxification and more, you will find exactly what you want from Metagenics. The Metagenics Estrovera product line features ERr 731, OmegaGenics comes with Omega 3s, UltraFlora has probiotics, and Wellness Essentials provide advanced nutritional support to patients. These products are effective for stress management, general wellness, immune health, body composition, blood sugar balance, metabolic detoxification, and neurological health. Metagenics also manufactures an extensive line of supplements for bariatric surgery patients, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, premenstrual syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, and other ailments.

Metagenics supplements are offered in a variety of forms, such as nutrition bars, detoxification powders, liquids, tablets, soft gels, and capsules to suit every need. At Vita Living, we offer a complete line of Metagenics research-based products. Metagenics is a time and experience honored company that has access to the best ingredients from around the globe. The company makes smart and experienced use of the finest in plant derivatives and other high-quality nutrients to create patented, proprietary formulas. Their unique use of ingredients is arrived at and supported by tireless research, both in the laboratory and the clinical setting. When you combine the Vita Living shopping convenience, free shipping, along with our very attractive Vita Rewards offer, it is easy to see that you can get the best deal on the Metagenics supplements here at Vita Living.

These days most health care organizations are open to the concept of lifestyle medicine. Using Metagenics nutrigenomic-based products provides full support in helping you achieve your genetic potential through nutrition. Coupled with smart lifestyle changes, such as regular, daily exercise, a healthy eating plan, and plenty of pure, filtered water, Metagenics supplements can help you make the most of yourself and your life. Vita Living provides a whole range of lifestyle medicines from Metagenics for a higher level of personalized and lifetime wellness care.