Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals 8 oz Biodesign
Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals 8 oz
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Aloe Lax150 mg 180 caps Biodesign
Aloe Lax150 mg 180 caps
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Aloe Lax 225 mg 180 caps Biodesign
Aloe Lax 225 mg 180 caps
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Bio-Design was founded in 1979 by Robert Werum and offers high quality supplements based on the latest scientific and nutritional research. Each time tested formula is physician developed and approved to provide you with the nutrition your body requires. Biodesign supplements are produced utilizing the latest scientific discoveries along with Ayurvedic medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, and Naturopathic medicine to help detoxify your body, alleviate symptoms and care for chronic diseases. The company's synergistic nutrients are formulated to help improve your health, increase your vitality and gain longevity using the natural ingredients.

Bio-Design offers an extensive line of dietary supplements with your health in mind. The company's complete line of amino acids, enzymes, glandular concentrates, homeopathic remedies, vitamins, and minerals provides you with the necessary nutrients to live a healthy, productive life. Bio-Design Supplements come in a variety of forms, including tonics, creams, gels, tablets, soft gels and capsules.

Bio-Design formulas are manufactured in a state of the art Good Manufacturing Practices facility. The manufacturer follows stringent pharmaceutical quality protocols established by the Food and Drug Administration. Each raw material is assayed to ensure purity, efficacy and potency. Additionally, each formula is free from heavy metals and toxins, including pesticides, herbicides and chemical compounds often found in dietary supplements.

For more than three decades, Bio-Design has been supplying conscientious consumers with the dietary supplements they need to remain healthy. Bio-Design supplements combine ancient herbal remedies with the latest scientific breakthroughs to help keep you healthy. Whether you want single ingredient formulas or multi-ingredient synergistic blends, Bio-Design has a formula right for you.