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omega nutrition flax seed oil 32 oz
Flax Seed Oil 32 oz
Omega Nutrition
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Omega Nutrition Omega Plus Flax Borage Oil 200 gels
Omega Plus Flax Borage Oil 200 gels
Omega Nutrition
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Omega Nutrition was founded in 1987 and was amongst the first to offer unrefined organic flax seed oil to North America. Normally while manufacturing the flax, the nutrients are destroyed during the manufacturing process. The company's OmegaFlo process protects the flax from light, heat and oxygen during production and packaging. This results in a highly potent formula. The oils are then packaged in high density polyethylene opaque bottles to keep the light away from the product.

Omega Nutrition offers a wide variety of non-GMO, Kosher, organic products using its patented OmegaFlo process. The complete line of Essential Fatty Acid products helps protect you from heart disease, arthritis and psoriasis. Omega Nutrition offers a complete line of products to provide you with essential Omega-3s your body needs. Each product is comprised of organic seeds and nuts. The formulas have been developed using cutting edge scientific research and development. The seeds and nuts are chosen based on their nutritional value, flavor, content and the amount of essential fatty acids.

Every one of Omega Nutrition's formulas is manufactured under strict quality guidelines. The process begins by choosing the best raw materials available. Once the raw materials are harvested, Omega nutrition assays each batch for purity, potency and efficacy. Once tested, Omega Nutrition is carefully manufactured to ensure maximum therapeutic benefits. Each product is independently tested for EFA content, longevity and flavor. Omega Nutrition offers certified kosher and organic products that contain absolutely no GMOs.

For more than a quarter of a century, Omega Nutrition has been providing high quality essential fatty acid products. Unlike some other companies who destroy the nutrients in essential fatty acids during manufacturing, Omega Nutrition utilizes its OmegaFlo process to protect against heat, light and oxygen. This process ensures you receive a high quality potent formula to protect your health.