Vascular Support


Vascular Support

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Mesoglycan 30 caps
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VeinoBlend 90 caps
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Venous Support 90 vcaps
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Varitonin 60 caps
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Venous PF 90 tabs
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Padma Basic 60 caps
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Vas-Cu-Care 120 caps
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Venous Support 90 caps
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V-Vein 60 tabs
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Caring for your body includes taking good care of your heart and circulatory system. Vascular health depends almost entirely on heart. However, vein conditions can further depend on other organs such as lungs, brain and skin. Both arteries and veins are important for nutrient and mineral transportation and therefore vital for our survival. Diet, environment or lifestyle can disturb the harmonious vein-artery balance and cause vascular-related diseases. Vascular support supplements are beneficial for heart as well as the entire cardiovascular function.

There are a number of natural vascular vitamins and vascular supplements that can easily be added to your daily diet to help prevent the development of peripheral artery disease. Among them are vitamin E, propionyl-l-carnitine, policosanol, phosphatidylcholine, l-carnitine, inositol nicotinate, ginkgo biloba, and black current. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your health care professional to determine which of these supplements may be most helpful to you. Trust Vita Living to provide the very best quality and value in vascular vitamins and supplements.

Vascular support supplements can be very helpful in keeping your vascular system strong and preventing and/or treating peripheral vascular disease or peripheral artery disease. This is a condition that is caused by the narrowing and/or blockage of arteries outside the brain and the heart with atherosclerotic plaques which may cause arterial disease in the heart and/or brain. People who are overweight, lead sedentary lives, have high blood pressure, smoke, have diabetes and/or have high levels of cholesterol are especially at risk for developing this condition. Being over the age of 50 is also a risk factor, but this can be mitigated by lifestyle. Peripheral artery disease may cause occasional pain in the calf that happens while exercising but resolves when resting. Other symptoms and complications include slow healing of sores, the development of skin ulcers and even gangrene on the feet and hands. Clearly, this is a serious condition that should be diligently avoided.

Taking good care of your health is an excellent way to avoid developing peripheral artery disease and maintain a healthy vascular system. There are a number of ways to treat peripheral artery disease; however, it is very important to understand that it generally be avoided with lifestyle adjustments such as regular exercise, a healthy diet, avoiding negative habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. Adding high quality vascular vitamins and supplements to your daily routine is also recommended.