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I’m a return purchaser of this supplement, I take it daily! Nothing bad to say .

Great value & comprehensive formula - MethylCare (Metagenics)

These considerably helped my homocysteine levels and will continue to take them to see further results. I can't recommend them enough! Compare the ingredients to similar Methylation supplements and you will see the value packed in!

Super fast shipping

Well packed and super fast shipping. We will use them again, absolutely.

Quality product! Axis Endo Mango (Metagenics)

I don't have any basis for comparison as I have never done protein or meal replacement shakes before. That said, I wasn't sure how well I would take to these but am thankfully finding them quite easy to drink with organic almond milk and some organic fruit added to the mix. Also quite happy that the sweetener is Monk Fruit and not stevia or anything else.

Super strong Vitamin D3 (Metagenics)

Best Vitamin D I have found considering value/quality/price. These are really great and have made a big difference on my Vit D levels after taking multiple courses on and off over a few months.

Health Max 30 8 oz
Carrie Luke
A Versital Product

I love this....I take it orally and I have put it in a micro mister which I spray on my face and face masks. Helps keep everything fresh and clean.

Good Stuff

This is a good product. I tried using it on my face but I didn't like the way it made my face feel sticky. But all was not lost because now I use it every night as a hand cream before I go to bed. It softens well, I like the light fragrance (I'm VERY sensitive to fragrances) and it doesn't leave greasy fingerprints on my precious books. I previously ordered the larger size in the pump bottle because I use so much of it but, towards the bottom of the bottle, the product is so thick it was difficult to pump out. I tried standing the bottle upside down to get the last of the cream out but it's so thick that it wouldn't budge! Anyway, I like it enough that I'm willing to pay more to get the smaller size so I can get every last bit.

Quercitin Complex

This helps a lot with inflammation in my body (hives, swelling, etc.). I find it very helpful in reducing my pain medication (albeit in small increments). I miss it when I am out of it which is always a good sign. This brand seems to contain a good synergistic combination that works well with my body.

Hawthorne Supreme

My doctor recommended this (along with a few other supplements) for me during these times of autoimmune stress. I find Gaia Herb products to be excellent in terms of quality and the support they offer to the body. This one is no exception.


I really like this product! I am amazed that one tablet a day is all it takes to give my brain a boost!

MegaQuinone K2-7
susanne bengtsson
Recommended by functional doctor for Osteopenia

I just started using this as it is one of the few products with a higher amount of Vit K2-7 - praying it will help strengthen my bones.

K1 vs K2

We wanted OsteoPrime Ultra with K2, so we placed our order, but received OsteoPrime Ultra with K1. Disappointed - not a deal breaker, and we'll probably order again, but only if the OsteoPrime Ultra has K2. Thanks. David

Buffered C Powder 8.15 oz

The Eyes have it

Easy to swallow with no side effects. Recommended by the eye Doc. Next exam will tell how it’s helping.

Pure Parathyroid - 60 Capsules

Best multi ever - Metagenics PhytoMulti With Iron

Couldn't recommend this multivitamin more. Other products have made me feel sick after taking them or have had terrible aftertastes. This one has been very good.

Probio 100 - 30 caps
Chizohiam Sam-woruka
Probio 100

It is a very good probiotics, it helps with digestion. But it is expensive, $70 for just 30 capsules

Repair Guard 180 tabs
Nikola Perisa

great service

Vita Living does a great job!

Vita Living has the best discount on supplements my Dr. prescribes .
I haven’t had any issues with their shipping, so far I’ve been very pleased.

Carbo-G 90 caps
Brenda Johnson
Carbo G

The product was in stock and I received it in a timely manner. I will order from Vita Living again.

Flora Symmetry 60 vcaps
Melissa Nieves-Rainey
Best Low Histamine Option

I started giving this daily to my daughter with mastocytosis/high histamine issues and this along with a low histamine diet has cured her eczema that covered most of her body and bad intestinal pain. Eventually I was able to get her to eat almost everything and kept up with this daily. This is the only low histamine probiotic blend on the market. All other ones will worsen symptoms for those with allergy issues.


Had to switch to enzyme without HCL as this enzyme caused burning in the esophagus

Padma Basic 180 caps
Great Product and Service

I have been using Padma Basic for many months now. I started using it because of a tooth issue, and I notice a big difference in my tooth when I ease off taking Padma Basic. The price at Vita Living was better than most other places I found, and the service was easy and quick.

Excellent product! Mag L Threonate (Metagenics)

Great value, great quality! Always love the Metagenics products. Highly recommend.

Polyflora B

I plan on continuing to use Polyflora B for my gut and body health