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Complete Enzymes - 90 caps
Julia Vidal Verastegui

Good product!

I waited a long time to get my order. And it has not helped a bit. In fairness, I believe it is a cancer growth. I have an appointment with Doctor this week. It didn't help my granddaughters rash either. So not sure if this is a product for us.

Multi with Iron - 240 ct
Kimberly Schiffman
Great vitamin

Love this one. Gets the job done without upsetting my stomach at all! I started with 1, then worked up to twice a day, and now at 4 a day, 2x capsules at lunch, 2x at dinner. Highly recommend!

Great product!

I was experiencing severe hair loss - about 30% - but after starting this supplement my hair loss was completely back to normal within less than a month and I have a lot of new regrowth

Great product!

Very satisfied

Fem Rebalance 60 caps
Elicia Johnson
Cycle saver

Fem Rebalance makes a huge difference in my menstrual cycle! My periods are livable for the first time in my life. I’ve made lifestyle changes as well, but I tried going off this supplement and period symptoms and migraines started returning within two months. Worth every penny.

Karuna Herbal GI

Karuna is simply one the best supplement companies out there. When I was in practice, my patients swore by them, and now that I'm retired, I continue to use them personally. Some of their products are very specialized, and should only be used professionally, but most, such as Adrenocort, Herbal GI, and the Maxxum series are easily understood. They provide good results, and are of the absolute best quality.

Silver Supplement

I am using this product for some toe fungus and it is doing a great job of eliminating it.

Rauwolfia Helps High Blood Pressure

I have been shown to have elevated blood pressure over the years, but I find that by using Rauwolfia tincture my blood pressure is stabilized and lowered. I highly recommend using this natural product for blood pressure as an alternative to the allopathic medicines that clearly state "may cause stroke or heart attack!!" Hard to find, but thank goodness Vita Living offers this great life saving product. Thank you.

This thyroid supplement really works!!

My Naturopathic Dr. recommended this thyroid product. It is amazing. I feel so much better! I have so much more energy and feel so healthy. The addition of the adrenal and other supplements help the thyroid tissue to work more efficiently. I highly recommend this product. I have used other thyroid supplements in this past, and did not achieve the results that I have with this product.
Penny W.

katrina Mason
Great product

Since I have been using this my Vitamin D levels have dramatically increased!


NanoGreens is a healthy way to add fruits and vegetables to your diet. It taste good. It is a good value.

Great product

It works with consistancy

MegaQuinone K2-7
Jan Lockhart
Excellent company

Ordered online and the product arrived in a few days.

Love this stuff!

I purchased based on my acupuncturist's recommendation. Love it. The apple-flavor powder mixed into cool water is so refreshing. I look forward to it every morning. Great product!

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numerous high quality products at lowest price with a rewards program

Stephen Tankersley

I have been using this product for years and my vitamin D levels respond very well to this product. I am thankful they have it in stock at Vita Living.

BioThyro 60 caps
Nicole Mellott
Love this product

I've been taking BioThyro for years and feel it keeps my thyroid in check. Very happy with this product.

O.N.E. multi vitamin

So far I like it cause i don't have to take a bunch each day and i am not seeing a decrease in symptoms/effects.


berberine works for me by decreasing my cholesterol. It keeps me off of cholesterol medicine.

PolyResveratrol-SR 60 caps
Kimberly Schiffman

PolyResveratrol-SR 60 caps

Very good service and excellent products.

Great Stuff

Have used this for sometime and it works.

Metabolic Assist

This is a great product.

Digest 120 caps
Ely Jenkins

It’s good products help I recommend this.