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B12 5000 Liquid 30 ml
Caprice Curry

I enjoy the liquid version of this product. The taste is very subtle and easy to tolerate.

Deflect B

I'll continue order and take Defect B to minimize the lectin damage it can cause. I'm glad you have it in stock.

Bitters Compound 2 oz
Michelle Reimann
Best for digestion

I’ve tried many things for digestion and this is one that’s at the top of my list. Helps me not feel nauseous or over full too quickly.

Wholly Immune

Wholly immune is an excellent product. It
does deliver. I am trying to heal, with this product and others,I'm on the road to recovery. I feel my body healing . I am more energetic ,and I can function now.

Big help for IBS Digestive Flare Up

Really pleased with this product! It took about 10 days to notice a difference, but has helped me tremendously with a bad flare up of digestive issues. I put it in my morning shake and don't really notice a change in flavor, which is good too.

Great Product

I started taking this supplement in 2018, per my naturopathic doctor's request. After recovering from fungal septic pneumonia, she doubled my dose. It is a great form of bioavailable vitamin C

Ostinol K9 tabs

My 13 year old doxies appreciate these supplements daily. It appears to help any arthritic pain.

Serotonin 120 vegcaps
Volodymyr Dyts

Serotonin 120 vegcaps

Good probiotic

Good for a daily supplement. Just beginning to take it so I'm hoping it continues to support me well.

Good to find

I was looking for pantethine that is not a softgel as I don't digest softgels very well. This fits the bill. I am not sure how well it is working yet, I take it as an antiviral and.

Power Mushrooms 270 tabs

Works for me!

Helps control my allergies


Got the product I ordered, right price and speedy delivery!

OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 2400 Liquid - 30 servings
Susan Lane

Great product

Review of Saccharomyces boulardii

Saccharomyces boulardii works great for immune function

Cardio VH 180 caps
Wilmer Shenk

Cardio VH 180 caps

Product game me migraines

This product as well as another product gave me migraines. Once I stopped using both products the migraines subsided. I noticed both products have the same fillers. Maybe this is the cause. I am not sure. I take the zinc from pure encapsulations and this product does not contain the same fillers. I contacted the company and have not heard back from anyone.

Gave me migraines

This product gave me really bad migraines. Once I stopped using the product for a few days, the migraines stopped. I called the company and left a message. No one returned my call. My next step is to file a complaint with the FDA.

Herbulk Powder Natural Orange - 30 servings

This product works great! Tastes good as well.


I love Nano pro. It’s great with almond or coconut milk and some frozen fruit. I also love that’s it has no sugar in it. It’s recommended by my chiropractor/nutritionist. I am so thankful that vita living has such a great price.

Still waiting

It’s hard to comment on a product I’ve never tried because I’m still waiting on the delivery

Wellness Essentials Healthy Balance - 30 packets

Love that you carry this brand. Always a fan feel the difference when taking these!

Ultra Potent-C 1000 90 T
Paige Yuan

great products

Nerve Complex 60caps
Angela Williams
Nerve Complex

I don't see where it is really helping me with my nerve problems in my feet or hands.

Tastes terrible