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Parathyroid glandular with a good dose

Strong calming effect. Helped me settle down

Great product

The product is good I feel the difference in energy

Excellent quality

These vitamins have done wonders for our circulation issues! We were so happy to find them online as we can’t always get to our dr that originally prescribed them! We’ve been very happy with them!

Maxxum 4

This is the best supplement in my collection. I feel like I can’t function without it. I love having it on automatic shipping so I never run out!

Great product

I just started using this week and it has done what it claims to do. I will come write another review when the bottle is gone.

Epresat adult vitamon

Excellent quality!! I could feel the difference after 1 week. Thank you.

Great Service

Submitted an order for two bottles on 3/12 and the product was received 3/15! As a first time patron of Vita Living I was greatly impressed. My my order was delivered so swiftly I was practically in disbelief. Furthermore, the product was packaged exceptionally well, carefully rolled in bubble wrap and enveloped in foam popcorn. I appreciate this consideration to detail as this product comes in a glass bottle.
The product itself has helped my immune system more effectively manage chronic issues from viral impact. Therefore, I am pleased Vita Living carries this Professional Formulas product and provided a prompt delivery.

We love this stuff!

I’ve been savoring Sea Chi crème for years. My daughter enjoys it when she visits me. Her life as mother of 7 month old and 3 year old and classroom teacher is too busy to allow trips to the spa. I got her a container of Sea Chi for her own so she can enjoy a mini-in home facial every time she washes her face.


I've been using this along with berberine for years....Unfortunately, thorne in their infinite wisdom has since stopped making this product!

Flamingo 12" floor lamp

I received the lamp on time with no damage. easy to put together. I use the lamp every day, living in the Pacific NW this light makes a great difference for the lack of sunshine.

Liposomal Glutathione

A great antioxidant to help with Lyme Disease.


My doctor recommended this product for me and it has worked very well ever since.

Great product

Happy with the great product and easy process for ordering.

Really helps

Was looking for something to help with a mood disorder. Gave this a try and am very happy with the results. It helps with preventing angry outbursts and keeps emotions less overwhelming.

It really works!

My MD recommended REM Maintenance when my rem sleep was showing too low on my Oura ring. For the first night it took my rem sleep from 5% to 25 % consistently!

Excellent Herb Supplement

I have cholesterol rollacoaster and this is a great way to keep it under 240. I have no calcium bulildup as per the Calcium Test done on my arteries every 2 years which means I do not have Blockage nor need to take medical drugs to lower it.
With this supplement and exercise is helpful. I accompany this cholesto PLUS with lots of FRESH fruits and smoothies for breakfast and raw veggies everyday.


Product helps me to sleep and calm my mind I’ll bay gets its

PhytoCalm - 90 Capsules

Energy assist order

I'm pleased with this product and with Vita Livings prompt service.
Margaret Raube

Great supplement. I am feeling much better after taking it.

The best EFAs

Been taking this formulation for decades. No taste. Keeps joints lubricated and heart healthy.

Bright and Warm

This uniquely shaped therapy lamp is bright, warm, and larger than I'd expected. I put it on top of a box on the floor and use it every morning. Operation is very easy, with only one switch, and the light never flickers or dims during use.

Great product good price

Great detox product. Feel great using it.

Great product and timely shipping!