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Vita Living offers advanced testing of common hormonal imbalances using test kits from ZRT Labs. There is an assortment of tests available for home use, including cortisol tests, triglycerides tests and thyroid tests. Each of these tests detects hormonal imbalances and deficiencies throughout the body. When you have a hormone deficiency or imbalance, your body is prone to more diseases and disorders; therefore, it is important to ensure that your hormones have the right balance and your body systems are stable. Common symptoms of hormonal imbalance include weight gain, lethargy, recurrent headaches and cardiovascular problems.

Each ZRT test is minimally invasive and offers the latest in advanced technology to detect Cardio Metabolic risk along with hormonal imbalances and deficiencies. Collection of the saliva, dried blood spot and dried urine is simple, making it ideal for home use. Each test offers accurate, clinical information quickly to help you get on the road to feeling better. Getting your personalized ZRT home hormone test has never been easier, thanks to Vita Living. Here, you will find certified laboratory products at an affordable price. Each item earns you Vita Living Reward Points that can be used to purchase a variety of products on the Vita Living website.

Vita Living offers a diverse line of saliva, blood spot and urine tests to check for an assortment of hormonal imbalances. ZRT saliva tests offer cortisol testing, male hormonal imbalance testing and testing for female hormonal discrepancies. A ZRT blood spot test checks for triglyceride levels, cortisol levels, fertility testing, and insulin imbalances. If you feel lethargic, consider a ZRT hormone test that checks for hormonal imbalances, including gonadal, thyroid and adrenal hormones. Each of these tests uses the latest in hormonal imbalance testing from a well-known, certified laboratory to help you discover if you suffer from any of the most common hormonal imbalances.

ZRT Labs is a CLIA certified diagnostic laboratory providing innovative lab testing solutions. In addition to testing for hormonal imbalances, ZRL Labs also offer testing for Vitamin D and Iodine deficiencies.

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