Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice


Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice

Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice VRL Defense 120c
VRL Defense 120c
Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice
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Olympian Labs Supreme Nutrition Ultimate 14 svgs
Supreme Nutrition 14 servings
Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice
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Testosterone Booster 60 vegcaps Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice
Testosterone Booster 60 vegcaps
Olympian Labs/Prescribed Choice
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Olympian Labs has been providing high quality health supplements for over two decades. The company's complete line of products is made from the purest raw materials and undergoes laboratory testing for purity, quality and potency. Using the latest scientific research, Olympian Labs produces formulas that offer great health benefits. Olympian Labs uses kosher vegetarian capsules in the company's full line of vegetarian products. Using complementary and alternative medicine, Olympian Labs delivers exceptional products you can depend on.

Olympian Labs offer a plethora of health supplements, including health and beauty products, amino acids, antioxidants, essential oils and nutritional supplements. Olympian Labs nutraceutical products support bone and joint health, digestive health, heart health, sports nutrition and weight management. The men's and women's formulas help protect your health and increase overall longevity. Olympian Labs also offers Prescribed Choice, a full line of prescription nutraceuticals for physicians and their patients.

Olympian Labs complies with current Good Manufacturing Practices. Each raw ingredient is assayed for purity and potency. The formulas contain no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. Olympian Labs therapeutic formulations include Prescribed Choice. Olympian Labs uses full disclosure labeling on every formula. This means the company lists all ingredients on each amber glass bottle. The amber glass bottles protect the contents from the environment and ensure freshness. Olympian Labs applies pharmaceutical grade requirements to every product using the strictest quality control standards.

Olympian Labs is a multi-national company specializing in dietary supplements. The company's commitment is to deliver outstanding products using the latest in nutraceutical technology. Each high quality supplement offers purity, quality and potency to ensure you receive the best health benefits and increased longevity. The Olympian Labs Prescribed Choice formulas help to improve your digestive health, heart health, or a plethora of other healthcare concerns.