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Daily Detox Tips

Daily Detox Tips

Detoxification is concerned with the removal of toxic substances from your body. Partying with a lot of alcohol, smoking cigarettes and usage of drugs are just some of the ways in which you come in contact with these toxins. You should note that your regular metabolism produces toxins in your body as well. These toxic substances accumulate in your body over a period of time. Well, your liver and kidneys do a lot of the detoxification themselves. But wouldn’t it be nice to extend them a helping hand once in a while?

On this note, let us consider Ayurvedic detoxification.There is a certain amount of trust that everybody is able to associate with Ayurveda. This is probably because of the fact that this traditional approach to health and medicine is primarily based on everything natural and harmless. The methods used in Ayurveda are known not to have any kind of side-effects unlike modern medicine. You’ll come across a lot of detox tips here and there but the following ones are time-tested and expert-suggested.

1. Drink warm lemon water

Drinking warm water mixed with the juice of a lemon is a detox tip that has an array of benefits. It helps in cleaning your digestive tract. It is said that it also helps in getting rid of the extra unwanted fat in the body. The ideal time for doing this is early in the morning.

2. Follow a kitchari diet

Kitchari is prepared using the simplest of ingredients but the benefits of having it far exceed the simplicity of preparation. It is made using rice, yellow lentils, clarified butter,a few spices and vegetables as per the season or one’s taste needs. It helps in cleansing the body of systemic toxins and it’s easily digestible as well.

Daily Detox Tips

3. Avoid junk food

The food that we eat has a huge impact on our health and body. Everybody knows that in spite of being tasty, junk food is never the healthiest. Avoiding these kind of foods helps in reducing weight as well as reducing the amount of toxins present in the body. This detox tip is one of the most essential in maintaining good health.

4. Practice yoga

Certain yoga postures have proven to purge the body of its toxins. The Downward Dog, Legs up the wall and Marichi’s Twist are some of the yoga postures that help in stimulating the digestive organs, better blood circulation and detoxification.

5. Seek professional Ayurvedic help

Apart from the above detox tips, it might be a bit more of a trouble to get in touch with the professionals in this field. But most of the people who’ve sought professional Ayurvedic help from the right places say they’re worth the time and the money. They will even be able to give you custom solutions to your detoxifying needs. Try them and see for yourself!

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