Is Adrenal Fatigue Real?

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Is Adrenal Fatigue Real?

Do you feel tired and fell you have less energy. You may be suffering from adrenal fatigue. Learn about some options for dealing with adrenal stress.

Fatigue affects millions of people, especially in the Western world, and has a whole host of causes, from heavy metal toxicity to stress to hormonal imbalance. There are many adrenal support supplements available to help treat fatigue. It is important is to determine the cause of your fatigue and treat the disease from the inside out. Some common causes of fatigue include hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, deficiencies in essential nutrients, heavy metal toxicity, or vitamin deficiencies.

Nutrient Deficiencies
Nutrient deficiencies can play a large role in thyroid dysfunction and chronic fatigue syndrome. These include nutrient deficiencies of iodine, vitamin D, omega-3 fats, selenium, zinc, vitamin A, and B vitamins. A good whole food source multivitamin and a diet rich in whole organic foods can correct many of these deficiencies.

Heavy metal accumulation and Detoxification
Fatigue can also be caused by a buildup of toxins, including heavy metals, in the bloodstream. Heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, and aluminum can accumulate in the brain, the immune system, and in the kidneys, and can contribute to fatigue symptoms.

A combination of vitamin supplementation, dietary management and herbal supplements can help detoxify the liver. These include antioxidants, vitamins such as C, E, B and beta-carotene; and minerals such as zinc and selenium. Herbs such as milk thistle and dandelion root might help protect liver cells as well as help eliminate toxins from our body.

Is Adrenal Fatigue Real?

Energy Boosters
Herbal energy boosters can come in the form of a pills, tea, or powder. Herbal energy boosters help increase mental alertness. Some are temporary boosters and some provide longer term effects. Some of the more effective herbs out there are schizandra, gingseng, mate tea (which contains natural low dose caffeine), seaweeds and gingko biloba.

Talk with an integrative practitioner when using these therapies to fight fatigue.

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