Humidifiers For Asthma

Humidifiers For Asthma

With the constant heating in winter, the air becomes dry and irritates the mucous membranes causing respiratory distress.  A portable home humidifier can increase the moisture level help people suffering from asthma breathe easier.

Many patients suffering from asthma have difficulty breathing when they are exposed to dry air in winter months. It has been proven that increased humidity can help ease breathing in adults and children who have allergies or asthma especially when there are other respiratory infections such as flu and colds. However, increased amount of allergens due to high humidity levels can indeed cause the triggering or worsening of asthma. Where the room air is too damp, the use of dehumidifiers and air purifiers will help. This is especially true in summer months.

Just in the manner that dry air can be the source of breathing problems, excessively moist air can as well be a source of problem. During summer months, there is too much humidity and it’s important for home owners to take the necessary measures such as using dehumidifiers to reduce the amount of moisture indoors.

Humidifiers are household devices which emit steam or water vapor so as to alter the level of humidity in the room. Among the common types of humidifiers which are available in the market today include central humidifiers, impeller humidifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, evaporators and steam vaporizers.

A portable humidifier or a home humidifier basically increases the humidity level in the room. These are especially useful to use when the house is being heated in winter months. Constant use of the heater results in the drying of the mucous membranes which line the nose and throat causing irritation and respiratory distress.

To get the best results from air humidifiers, here are important things which you should do.

  • The humidifiers should be cleaned regularly so that molds and bacteria do not grow. These microbes are dangerous for asthma patients.
  • Do not operate your humidifier when the external moisture level is more than 50 percent. You can use a humidistat or a hygrometer to know about the moisture level.
  • If you store your humidification unit for several weeks or months, you should wipe it clean and also dry it before you use it.
  • Consider putting a few menthol drops to the humidifier so as to help asthmatic patient open, sooth and clear the air passages.
  • Keep your rooms in good condition and keep dust at the lowest level.
Humidifiers For Asthma

Consider using air purifiers in your home in addition to the humidifier. This will help in making sure that the air remains clean and so family members who suffer from asthma can actually benefit.

Care must be taken not to increase the humidity levels too much. Too much humidity creates an environment which is conducive to the growth of dust mites and allergens which is not good for people suffering from asthma. Excessive humidity is also a excellent breeding ground for bacteria and molds, all of which can trigger asthma.

There is a variation in air humidity from one season to another and among the factors that determine the actual level include such things as the weather, season and the place which you live. Too low or too high humidity can cause serious problems not only to people who suffer from respiratory infections such as asthma, but also those who are of sound health. When you install portal humidifiers or home humidifiers and air purifiers, you can control the indoor humidity level and keep allergens away.

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