Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Benefits Of Air Purifiers

A combination of air purifiers for your home and place of employment, help build your immunity and deal with the allergies.

Most people experience allergy symptoms at some time in their lives. If battling allergies is an annual or ongoing event for you, seeking relief is probably a frequent activity. Surely you don’t want to take prescription or over-the-counter allergy medications on a regular basis, but what can you do? A holistic approach that addresses your allergy symptoms, their causes and your overall health is an excellent idea. A combination of air purifiers for your home and place of employment along with building your immunity will help you deal with the allergies.

Regardless of the season, there may be allergens in the air that will cause you to sneeze or cough. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep great air filtration in place year round to provide you with clean air that is relatively free of allergens. Effective, high quality air purifiers come in a wide variety of types and styles to suit every situation. From plug-in nightlight/air-purifier combos to room air purifiers to whole house units, you can easily find an excellent air purifier to suit your situation and your budget. Visit Vita Living for a selection of high quality air purifiers at attractive prices.

When selecting an air purifier for your home or office, you should naturally look for one that specifically filters out the substances that causes you problems. If you aren’t sure about the cause of your allergy symptoms, or if you have multiple allergies, be sure to get an air purifier with a High Energy Particulate Arresting (HEPA) filter. Read all instructions and change the filters as directed. This will help ensure effectiveness.

Some types of air purifiers work on other principles, such as electrostatic technology or ionization. In an industrial setting, you may see ozone generators, but they are not intended for a home setting. Industrial settings may also use air purifiers equipped with carbon activated filters to reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs), gasses, paint fumes, formaldehyde and so forth. This type of filter will also remove pollen from the air.

Will An Air Purifier Completely Remove Dust, Mold And Pollen?

Air purifiers do a good job of keeping the air in your environment clean; however, you should not rely on them solely. It’s a good idea to do a regular, seasonal cleaning to rid your home of accumulated dust, pollen and dander. This is especially true if you have pets indoors and/or you live in a high traffic area where a lot of dust and pollution may tend to drift in whenever doors and windows are opened. Ridding your home of dust, pollen, mold and dander can go a long way toward helping you get your allergies under control. If performing this kind of deep cleaning yourself would cause too much of an allergic reaction, look for local professional cleaning services that provide dust mite and allergen cleaning. This type of treatment can be extremely effective.

Building A Strong Immune System Will Lessen Your Allergy Symptoms

In addition to equipping your home and office with high quality air purifiers and keeping your environment clean and free of dust, mold, pollen and dander, you should take steps to build your immune system.

Benefits Of Air Purifiers

Get plenty of sleep and enjoy light to moderate exercise for at least half an hour every day. Stay indoors when it is windy to avoid breathing in too much dust and pollen. When you go indoors, change out of your dusty, pollen covered clothes and take a shower to reduce your exposure to allergens and keep them out of your environment.

Eat a well-balanced, whole foods diet and drink plenty of pure, filtered water. Be sure to take a high quality multi-vitamin and talk with your health care professional about any other immune support supplements you might take to help strengthen your immune system and deflect allergies. Vita Living offers excellent, high quality immune support supplements at discount prices.


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