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Best Supplements For All

Best Supplements For All

From prevention of cancer to warding off heart diseases, research indicates that vitamins and minerals ensure health in every sense. But for someone like me, I’m largely unaware about what vitamins should I take or for that matter the exact quantity. Though fruits, vegetables and fortified foods supply the necessary content, yet supplements go a long way in ensuring that easy to consume additions are more than welcome in one’s hectic lifestyle.

Must-have vitamins to include in your daily diet

Much like I said that I’m unsure about what vitamins should I take, many share the same thought. Here’s taking a look at few essential ones that you must put in your daily diet.


Plenty of iron can be had from leafy veggies, seafood, lean meats, nuts, legumes and dietary sources. Anemic, pregnant or menstruating women may be prescribed additional supplements if need arises.

Folic Acid

The NIH (National Institutes of Health) suggests that a combination of natural foods and supplements (precisely 400 micrograms, a little more for pregnant women) offer adequate folic acid in the diet.

Beta carotene

Experts recommend that supplements are better skipped, especially for smokers. The best way to obtain beta carotene would be from fruits and vegetables.


‘Little’ would be the exact word when it comes to this nutrient. You actually get sufficient from your regular diet.


As per a 2010 report, supplements are best avoided for post menopausal women for it only aggravates their situation. If you hate dairy, incorporating 500 milligrams of calcium supplements daily would be enough.

Vitamin C

What you consume determines largely the quantity of Vitamin C content in your body. Supplements work well for smokers, both active and passive.

Vitamin D

So what if you have the sun as your friend or pay attention to what you eat, Vitamin D deficits are common. For those who have crossed the 50 mark or not exposed to the sun, supplements must be resorted to.

Vitamin E

Include a diet rich in eggs, peanuts, veggies, fruits and oils like safflower. However, cooking or storing Vitamin E foods can actually reduce the quantity you get.


Potassium supplements work best for those suffering from heart ailments or hypertension causes. However, excess can wreak havoc, particularly for the older people and kidney affected ones.

Best Supplements For All


For a person like me who is constantly on the go and wonders about what vitamins should I take, multivitamins are great. But don’t expect them to be a substitute of natural foods or contain ‘major lifesaving benefits’.

The Bottom line

Now that I’ve learnt a great deal about this essential nutrient, I won’t let myself be perturbed about what vitamins should I take. This should be a cue for those who felt likewise.

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