Mood Swings In Women

Mood Swings in Women

Are you feeling scared, lonely, sad, or nervous.  Have you undergone a major life event.  Here are some ways to control your mood swings.

In our day-to-day life, we have lots of ups and downs that cause stress, anxiety and sometimes depression. All these unfavorable circumstances can simply lead us into bad moods and we may start feeling scared, lonely, sad and nervous. These are normal reactions to the some significant life events such as birth, death, or marriage. But there are some people who experience mood swings for no apparent reason at all. They are unable to figure out the exact reason for this condition and it becomes very difficult for them to carry on with normal everyday functioning.

To take control of your mood swing, it is necessary to know the potential causes of mood swings. There are various reasons for mood swings. Stress and anxiety are one of the primary causes of it, followed by depression. Sometimes our own careless attitude towards our body can cause this situation like toomuch intake of drugs and alcohol. A very dangerous factor to be included in this category is bipolar disorder, which should be dealt with, with the help of a doctor.

Mood Swings in Women

There are various ways and things you can do to handle your mood swings.

  • The first and foremost is to relax and stay calm and positive. Meditate. Try to figure out what might be causing your mood swings.
  • Take a pen and paper and write down your feelings and emotions which are bothering you. It may release a lot of your psychological burden.
  • Indulge yourself with your favorite pass times or any recreation activity.
  • In case of any potential loss or bad day at work or in a relationship, you can just forget what actually happened. Pretending that it never happened may itself calm you own.
  • Do some physical exercise. You can be as rigorous as you can handle. This will potentially eradicate your anxiety, stress or depression.
  • If you are having mood swings for a prolonged duration and all the meditation and physical exercises are not working, then you should consult a psychiatrist or health care professional.
  • Take proper vitamins and mood support supplements after consulting your physician.
  • Ensure you are having adequate sleep without any disturbances.
  • For women, pre and post menstrual syndromes are also a big cause of mood swings. In that case, eat healthy, take proper rest and do everything that doesn’t stress you mind.
  • Lastly, remain active, positive through thoughts and keep away from drugs, alcohol, and any potential stressful encounters. The goal is to relax you mind to overcome your mood swings.
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