Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

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Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver supplement has many benefits and uses on the body. It can make skin look its best and heal it when damaged. Most importantly it helps boost immunity.

Silver is a naturally occurring metal that has been mined for thousands of years. We often encounter them in jewelry and coins. However, the role of silver is more than that.

In the past, hospitals have used sheets of silver to cover the wounds of patients and allow it to heal. It is believed that silver has the capability to fight disease-causing microorganisms.

Today, silver can be taken as a supplement to promote good health and as an alternative therapy. Read on to know more about this amazing health supplement.

What is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is a preparation of silver that is suspended in a liquid carrier. The metal is processed to make it very small, around 100 nanometers. This size allows the silver to mix with liquid.

Benefits and uses of colloidal silver


Colloidal silver is known for its healing cell regenerating properties, which are two things that are essential for the skin. Research shows that skin care products containing this ingredient can effectively keep the skin supple and heal wounds faster.


Because of its healing properties, silver is often found in burn creams. When you have burns, it is important that the wounds are covered with a barrier to prevent moisture loss and bacterial contamination. Silver can form a good moisture barrier while stimulating the cells underneath to regenerate. It also has antibacterial properties that help prevent infection.

Immune support

Research findings suggested that silver can kill bacteria and viruses. The mechanism by which this mineral can do so is by preventing these microorganisms to use oxygen. This suffocates the bacteria and viruses and kills them.

A study has also been conducted on the ability of colloidal silver to give immune support to the body. The results showed that the people who regularly take this supplement are less likely to get the flu.

Benefits Of Colloidal Silver

Antibiotic alternative

Antimicrobial resistance is already a growing health threat today. To mitigate this, the health sector is constantly looking for alternatives to fight microorganisms without using antibiotics. Silver is one of the ingredients that they are considering.

Keeping your body healthy is achievable when you take colloidal silver as a supplement. It has many benefits and uses on the body. It can make skin look its best and heal it when it is damaged. Most importantly, it boosts your immune system which keeps you away from diseases.

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