Tips To Lower Stress And Boost Immunity

Tips To Lower Stress And Boost Immunity

One way of boosting your immune system is by stress management. Which can be done by being proactive, meditating, having a healthy lifestyle, and taking supplements. 

Stress is said to be the mother of diseases. True enough. if the body is subjected to extreme amounts of stress constantly, it will eventually breakdown and develop multiple conditions like diseases. Back then, stress was not considered in medicine as one of the predisposing factors in the development of the disease. However, research has shown pieces of evidence that stress can indirectly cause diseases in a person, most likely the development of an infection.

How stress cause diseases

Stress does not directly cause disease. However, it will create an environment that is beneficial for an invading organism or cancer cells to proliferate. Stress has the capability to hamper the immune system of the body. The mechanism by which this is done is through the release of the hormone, cortisol. Cortisol is a steroid released by the adrenal glands whenever a person experiences stress. In small amounts, this can have a beneficial action on the body. However, if its levels reach the upper limit, this can suppress the immune system. When the immune system is affected, the body will no longer have a functioning defense against disease-causing organisms.

How to lower stress to increase immunity

Lowering your stress levels can come a long way when you want to prevent diseases. Here are some of the tips that you can use to control stress.

Be proactive

Most of the stresses that we experience are often due to how we responded to a stimulus or event. Most of us are reactive in our responses, meaning, we wait for something to happen and act after the event. In order for us to control stress, we need to be proactive. We can do this by taking measures on how to prevent a stressful event in the first place. A good example of this is waking up very early so that you will not be stuck in traffic. If encountering a stressful event is inevitable, for example, giving a speech in front of people, you can employ methods that will help lower the impact of stress on the said event. You need to prepare because not preparing may lead to failure.

Do meditation

Another reason that people are constantly stressed is that they do not have the time to reflect on the things that are happening to them. They cannot grasp the importance of where they are at the moment because they did not give themselves time to process their thoughts and feelings. When you do meditation, this allows you to refocus your energies on the things that are important to you. It will give you a sense of purpose and will give you the motivation to work for the things you want the most. Realignment with your goals in life can reduce your anxiety levels thereby decreasing your stress levels.

Implement a healthy lifestyle

The three cores of a healthy lifestyle are a balanced diet, exercise, and healthy practices. A good diet makes sure that you are eating food that has enough nutrients that your body needs to function well daily. Exercise will also promote good health because it makes sure that you are within a normal weight range. Obesity can also lead to a number of diseases. In addition, exercise will also improve the circulation of oxygen within your body. In doing so, you will experience an increase in energy with daily exercise. Lastly, you must have healthy practices in order to be healthy. Drink alcohol moderately. Avoid smoking, if possible. Smoking predisposes a person to lung cancer and other diseases.

Tips To Lower Stress And Boost Immunity

Take supplements

One easy way to lower stress and boost immunity is to take supplements. When you find yourself in a very stressful situation and need something to lower your anxiety, you can always go for stress relief supplements. Many of these supplements have the capability to regulate the release of cortisol in your bloodstream, thereby minimizing the potential damage on your body. Some supplements also have a calming effect. This can help you get back on track after being taken aback by a stressful event, helping you to think clearly and come up with solutions.

One way of boosting your immune system to fight diseases is by stress management. To lower stress, you can do the following: being proactive, meditating, having a healthy lifestyle, and taking supplements. By doing these tips, you will be ensured that even if you cannot avoid stress, you will be able to overcome it and lessen its impact on your health.

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