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Not sure if you have Food Allergies? Try a Food Allergy test kit

Not sure if you have Food Allergies? Try a Food Allergy test kit

Food allergies are a big deal. As more and more ingredients and chemicals are added to our food and drinks, there is an ever-growing risk of having an unexpected allergic reaction to what we consume. This is heightened by the fact that many processed foods are made in large facilities, so there could be some contamination by other ingredients used at the facility even if they’re not on the food labels. The result is that food allergies are on the rise and so is the use of food allergy test kits.

To understand the importance of food allergy test kits, it’s vital to understand how food allergies work. Not all allergies are the same in severity or symptoms. You could be allergic to a particular food and not even know it—you won’t necessarily have an obvious, instant reaction every time you eat it. Digestive problems, respiratory issues, obesity and other health issues could all be caused by food allergies.

It’s helpful to get tested for food allergies, and for some people it’s almost a health necessity. If you suffer from any prolonged, chronic or recurring health situation that seems to have no clear cause, or one that your doctors have a difficult time diagnosing or treating, it may help to get tested for food allergies.

Typically, a food allergy test kit includes a blood draw. Once you order your desired food allergy test kit, you will be contacted by a testing lab and they will schedule your blood draw at your convenience. Once done with your blood draw, you just have to wait for your results in the mail.

The advantage of a blood test is that lab technicians can simultaneously analyze the blood for a huge range of different potential food allergies. Some food allergy test kits will test for up to 200 food allergies, plus other types of allergies like mold or pollen.

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