Acupressure Massage Mats Provide Natural Pain Relief

Acupressure Massage Mats Provide Natural Pain Relief

Acupressure Massage Mats can help relieve back pain, high blood pressure, stress, headaches, and a host of other health problems. Learn more about the benefits of acupressure mats.

One of the hottest trends in pain relief today is the acupressure massage mat. This tremendous innovation is not really all that new, though. The concept of the acupressure mat hearkens back to the traditional “Indian Bed Of Nails” and also has its basis in the practice of Shiatsu massage therapy.

Acupressure mats look like yoga mats except that they are studded with many points or protrusions. You gain benefit by lying on the mat or walking on it. This can be a little bit overwhelming at first as the points can feel a little bit painful until you get used to them; however, the benefits you receive will far outweigh any initial discomfort. You can make the most of acupressure mats for natural pain relief.

There are lots of choices in acupressure mats available today. Those in the know advise an all-natural, 100% cotton mat or hemp mat with a linen cover colored with natural dye. One of the best and most popular acupressure mat on the market today is the Spoonk Space acupressure mat available from Vita Living. This all natural mat comes in four vibrant colors - Sea Grass Green, Midnight Blue, Saffron Red, and Sky Blue. These mats come with an all-natural cotton carry bag. Vita Living offers these high quality Spoonk Space mats at attractive prices.

Acupressure Massage Mats Benefits Are Many And Varied!

You may be surprised to learn that it is actually very relaxing to lie on a Spoonk Acupressure Massage Mat. After all the mat does have over 6000 little acupressure points to make positive contact with energy centers across your back. It can actually hurt to touch the points but when you are lying down on it you will find it so relaxing that you will probably go to sleep.

In fact, addressing insomnia naturally is one of the main functions of the acupressure massage mat. Additionally, it can relieve back pain, high blood pressure, stress, kidney difficulties, acid reflux, indigestion, constipation, sciatica, headaches, sinus problems and a host of other troublesome health problems. Using the acupressure mat regularly can support weight loss efforts, increase circulations, relieve pain in the legs and release energy to help you feel strong and vital.

How to use an acupressure massage mat?

It is actually quick and easy to use this handy mat. When you first start out, you may use the mat for as little as 30 seconds daily. As time passes, you can build up your ability to use the mat for extended periods. Many people nap on their acupressure massage mats for maximum benefits, but you don’t have to use it that much. Once you have become accustomed to it, using the mat for just five minutes several times daily can work wonders to rebalance your body. Acupressure Massage Mats Provide Natural Pain ReliefIt may take a while to become accustomed to using the acupressure mat. For example, when you begin walking on the mat, you may find it painful to the soles of your feet. If this is the case, just wear a thin pair of socks at first. Eventually, your feet will become used to this beneficial stimulation and you will be able to enjoy your massage mat barefoot.

Reap the benefits of the Acupressure Massage Mat!

This simple mat can truly work wonders to relieve muscle tension and stiffness, increase your circulation and help you enjoy restful, relaxing, revitalizing sleep. Be sure to visit Vita Living today to choose a colorful, affordably priced Spoonk Space Acupressure Massage Mat.

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