Ladies, Its Time To Try Feminine Products Made From Natural Ingredients

Ladies, its time to try feminine products made from natural ingredients

The modern women deserve feminine products made from natural ingredients.  These are effective and are environmentally friendly.

More and more women are becoming aware of the negative impact synthetic products have on their bodies. From hormonal imbalance, to PMS, to skin sensitivities, the effects of synthetic products, pesticides and unnecessary chemicals are becoming known. This is especially true with feminine hygiene products; products that come into intimate contact with our bodies.

At the same time, women expect and deserve comfort, reliability, and high performance from their products as well as environmental sustainability in production. The savvy shopper knows to look for all these qualities when purchasing products for her most intimate use. The following is a list of products available and things to look for and avoid when purchasing.

Feminine Hygiene Products
Conventionally produced, commercially available feminine hygiene products may contain chemicals, synthetics, latex, synthetic fragrances and super absorbents that are made from petrochemicals. Plastic tampon applicators may be coated in pesticides, made from crude oil, and contains phthalates, a known carcinogen. In addition, these products are made from cotton that is grown conventionally, that is, it may have used chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This is not only bad for the earth and our water table, but it is detrimental to your health!

Ladies, its time to try feminine products

Choose products that are made from certified organic cotton and are chemical and additive free. Choosing organic removes the direct risk associated with residues from pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers and fungicides. Pads, panty liners, tampons, nursing and maternity pads are all available in organic cotton. Even better, choose products that are biodegradable and are sourced from ecologically responsible producers. Everyday day, millions of pads and liners are disposed of by women. These pads and liners are made from crude oil plastic that may pollute the earth forever. Choose wisely to leave a better earth for your children.

Personal Lubricants
Women are fortunate that lubricants and other products are now being designed with women’s needs in mind and these are safe and effective. Carrageenan, extracted from red seaweed, is an all natural, and water based lubricant that is also pH balanced. This lubricant is paraben, silicone, and glycerine free and is odorless, non-sticky and long lasting. It might also function as a topical microbicide, blocking viruses such as HPV and herpes.


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