Native Remedies


Native Remedies

For more than a decade, Native Remedies has been offering homeopathic remedies specially formulated for holistic health and wellness. Each product is made using whole herbs to ensure the most effective homeopathic remedy. The natural herbal remedies do not contain artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and are gluten free for your health benefit. Finally, you can be rest assured that Native Remedies cares about nature because none of their products has ever been tested on animals.

Vita Living offers the complete line of Native Remedies homeopathic treatments including the very popular VertiFree and Focus Formula. VitaliTonic is made using a proprietary blend of whole herbs including Eleuthero root, rosemary, borage and green oats in a liquid format to help promote zest and energy. AdrenoBoost promotes adrenal functions by including Eleuthero root, licorice root, ginger, astragalus root and ashwagandha root in an easy to take liquid formula. Native Remedies AllergiClear vegi-capsules helps promote respiratory health and clears bronchial passages using a proprietary blend that includes quercetin and silicea.

Native Remedies provides a complete line of homeopathic treatments using the latest findings of whole herb formulations. Each dose contains only high quality whole herbs and no fillers. The herbs have been tested for toxicity including heavy metals and pesticides. Native Remedies offers you top quality formulas using the latest scientific information about homeopathic treatments and herbal formulas.

Each of Native Remedies natural herbal remedies is formulated by natural health experts using the best standards in pharmacology. Their manufacturing process is certified GMP meaning that every step of the manufacturing process is carefully verified to ensure the product you receive has been tested for potency and consistency according to their formulations to ensure maximum safety and effectiveness.