L’uvalla was founded in 2007 by Alla Korot, Jeanna Bonds and Yuval Selik to provide certified organic skincare products using ingredients from nature. Every formula combines natural ingredients to provide you with the ultimate in skincare. L’uvalla contains none of the toxins found in many skincare products. The company is comprised of dedicated employees that seek to make the world a beautiful place while protecting the environment. Each Luvalla skincare product is filled with 100 percent natural and organic ingredients. Absolutely no preservatives are used in this nourishing line of vegan approved skincare products.

L’uvalla specializes in bringing the healing properties of Mother Nature together to provide your skin with the nutrients it needs to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, brighten the skin, increase your skin’s elasticity and promote a health glow. Every formula is developed using the latest discoveries in cosmetic science and nutraceuticals.

L’uvalla Organic Skincare products are animal cruelty free and vegan, and every ingredient is listed on each product. This holistic line of skincare products is produced following European Union Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices. Each ingredient is carefully assayed to ensure purity, potency and effectiveness following the guidelines set forth by the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients. L’uvalla is a member of several international groups to ensure truth in labeling, unparalleled cosmetic standards, environmental stewardship and honesty. This means that you can feel confident putting the company's products on your skin.

L’uvalla has been providing quality organic skincare products since 2007. Each formula is certified organic and pure. The products do not contain GMOs, DEAs, synthetic colors, sodium lauryl sulphate, petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic preservatives or synthetic fragrances. L’uvalla’s provides a complete line of anti-aging products, toners, cleansers and creams made from all-natural organic ingredients.