Intensive Nutrition


Intensive Nutrition

Intensive Nutrition’s full line of nutritional supplements is formulated to provide you with your body’s nutritional needs. Intensive Nutrition vitamins come in an assortment of treatment options. Their topical formulas, capsules and gels provide optimum healing advantages and do not contain preservatives, artificial flavors or artificial colors. Each blend is sugar free, starch free and yeast free. Intensive Nutrition’s Mega-VM provides a superior blend of vitamin B complex, essential minerals, iron and other essential vitamins to provide you with a solid nutritional foundation. Their eye gel is hypoallergenic and helps reduce puffiness and wrinkles and does not contain paraben or oil to ensure your skin is firmer, and you look youthful. Intensive Nutrition also offers sublingual folic acid to help your body absorb this essential mineral.

Intensive Nutrition delivers a complete line of healthcare products including vitamins, minerals and supplements. Each of their products is made using the knowledge of biologists, chemists and biochemists to ensure that the products are easily assimilated by the body to provide maximum nutrition. When it comes to nutritional supplements, look no further than Intensive Nutrition vitamins and supplements.


For over 40 years Intensive Nutrition, has been delivering quality healthcare supplements. The company founder, Dr. Balogh, developed the line of products by talking with oncologists as well as other nutritional healthcare professionals. Intensive Nutrition believes in developing scientifically backed dietary supplements. Each supplement is unique in its efficacy and composition and works with your body's biochemical processes to provide you with the highest degree of therapeutic benefits.

Intensive Nutrition offers exclusive products that are manufactured in accordance with the U.S. Pharmacopeia standards. Additionally, the company adheres to the current Good Manufacturing Practices as are set forth by the FDA. Every product is tested before, during and after its manufacturing. The company tests every raw material to ensure purity and effectiveness.