Heel BHI offers scientifically based homeopathy remedies to help your body heal itself naturally. The company was founded in 1936 by Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg. Heel supplements are formulated using ingredients from nature and help your body activate its self-healing powers. Heel BHI is a pioneer in utilizing scientific research coupled with naturopathic remedies to provide formulas that actually work. Heel supplements help to improve your overall health, increase your vitality and longevity.

Heel and Biological Homeopathic Industries (BHI) were merged in 1985 and were renamed Heel/BHI. Heel/BHI offers integrative medicine for a plethora of health conditions, including allergy and sinus relief, pain relief, detoxification, formulas to treat the common cold, cough and the flu. Heel/BHI also offers supplements that eliminate stress and help you get a restful night's sleep.

Hell/BHI offers products especially formulated for women and children and follows Good Manufacturing Practices, Good Regulatory Practices and Good Laboratory Practices. Every ingredient is assayed for purity and efficacy. Each step of the manufacturing is documented and supervised following Heel's quality control measures. Each formula is manufactured according to the German Pharmacopoeia, the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the US, and the European Pharmacopoeia to ensure you receive a top quality, safe, efficacious supplements.

Heel BHI has been in business for over three quarters of a century. The company is located in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has offices in over forty countries around the world. Some of the popular Hell/BHI products help relieve pain, sinus and allergy symptoms as well as relieve stress. Each formula seeks to improve the body's functions to improve your health, promote vitality and increase longevity.