American Biologics


American Biologics

Founded in 1978, American Biologics has been delivering scientifically based nutritional supplements to the healthcare industry. Each of American Biologics products is made using the finest raw materials to give you optimum results. Their full line of products does not cause any side effects or allergic reactions. Each product has been scientifically designed based on evidence-base formulas and offer the highest potency to ensure your health and well-being. American Biologics offer a complete line of formulas including enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, glandulars, probiotics, essential fatty acids, cleansing products and specialty products.

American Biologics is known for its complete line of nutritional supplements based on science and evidence. Their quality is scrutinized to ensure even the most sensitive users can easily tolerate their supplements. Their products are widely recognized by healthcare providers around the world. Vita Living provides a complete line of American Biologics supplements at attractive prices.

American Biologics combines enzymes and antioxidants to help improve intestinal health and to minimize food intolerances. The supplements help your body easily eliminate impurities commonly caused by poor diet choices, lifestyle choices and stress.

American Biologics uses the pure raw materials using good manufacturing practices. Their scientifically based formulas are created by biochemists and cell biologists. The company believes you should make informed health decisions and will provide you with a Certificate of Analysis with each order if requested.