For almost 15 years, AirFree has been delivering quality, affordable air purifiers sold in over 49 countries. This company, located in Portugal, offers solutions for people suffering from allergies. AirFree's air purifiers can be found in a variety of locations including hotels, hospitals, schools and farm settings. AirFree's technology and effectiveness has been confirmed by independent laboratories. Laboratory tests show that AirFree reduces airborne microorganisms and allergens to help you feel healthy. The company's Thermodynamic Sterilization System (TSS) makes the air your breath in your home healthy and clean. This results in reduced illnesses and allergic reactions. Running an AirFree air purifier has never been easier, simply plug it up and enjoy fresh, clean air. There are no filters to change or clean.

AirFree products are highly effective in eliminating and destroying microorganisms and airborne harmful substances, including pollen, tobacco odors, allergens and bacteria. The patented TSS technology puts the company ahead of the competition. AirFree products need limited or no maintenance. The units are completely silent and use very little energy. The small, portable air purifiers are environmentally friendly and do not emit any ion or ozone emissions.

AirFree was founded in 2000 to provide relief to the inventor's sons allergies. AirFree products use a new technology called Thermodynamic Sterilization System, or TSS. AirFree offers a complete line of products to destroy allergens, eliminate viruses, molds, and bacteria. By having a pure indoor atmosphere, productivity will increase exponentially, and illnesses will decrease. The AirFree air purifier offers an attractive and modern air purifier that will fit in with any decor.

AirFree ensures that your air purifier arrives at your door thoroughly inspected and tested. AirFree has had numerous independent laboratories test their units for effective sterilization of the air. By sterilizing the air, the AirFree air purifier kills mold and bacteria along with common household allergens, including dust mites, pet dander and tobacco odors.