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  • American Nutriceuticals Serene Sleep 60 caps American Nutriceuticals Serene Sleep 60 caps

    Sleep plays a vital role in good health and well-being throughout our lives. Getting enough quality sleep can help support your mental and physical health. There are multi-faceted issues when it comes to poor sleep from falling asleep, staying asleep, being able to go back to sleep, to waking up feeling rested and revitalized. Serene Sleep is the all-in-one support supplement.* Valerian – Used for thousands of years to help aid in sleep. Several studies have shown a significant positive effect on sleep.* Skullcap – Used for hundreds of years to promote sleep.* Hops – A validated ingredient. Passion Flower – Sleep supporting herb.* Lemon Balm – Known to help in reducing stress so you can relax and fall asleep.* Theanine- An amino acid (from Green Tea but no caffeine) shown to help create relaxing Alpha brain waves so you can “turn off” and get ready to sleep.* Melatonin – A natural hormone that helps regulate your sleep cycle.* Magnesium – Helps relax muscles* Calcium – Helps calm nerve transmitters*  Fast-acting  Long-lasting  Wake up refreshed   Dietary Considerations Dairy/ Milk Free Gluten Free Vegetarian Soy Free Vegan   Serving Size:2 Vegetable Capsule   Servings Per Container:30   Amount Per Serving Calcium (as Calcium Citrate)35 mg Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate)85 mg L-Theanine100 mg Melatonin3 mg Synergistic Herbal Sleep Blend (Equal to 3‚400mg of herbal powder)700 mg Valerian [root] (0.8% Valerenic acid) Skullcap [herb] 4:1 Extract Hops (flowers) 4:1 Extract Passion Flower [flower] 12:1 Extract (3.5% flavonoids) Lemon Balm [herb] 4:1 Extract   Other Ingredients: Vegetable Cellulose   Suggested Use: Take 2 capsules at or 30 minutes before bedtime.   Gluten, dairy & soy free. Suitable for Vegetarian & Vegan


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Nearly two percent of the human body is made up of calcium. In fact, it is the most abundant mineral in the human body because strong bones are mostly made of it. However, the bones are not the only part of the body that benefits from calcium. A good number of enzymes are dependent upon calcium for proper functioning. Calcium aids in blood coagulation and the proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. Sadly, many people are deficient in calcium, and this causes the body to rob the bones, leading to osteoporosis. For excellent overall health, it is smart to make good use of calcium supplements combined with vitamin D, which facilitates good calcium absorption.

Calcium can be very helpful in treating symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS), and it is also helpful in treating pain during menstruation. It is also believed that pregnant women should receive the correct amount of calcium supplementation to help ward off the possibility of preeclampsia. Some studies have shown it to be helpful in treating disorders such as migraine headaches and attention deficit. Proper levels of calcium also help prevent a variety of cancers. This is especially true for women during and after menopause who also benefit from calcium supplementation to help prevent osteoporosis.

Naturally, calcium is helpful in preventing bone loss and also in maintaining healthy teeth. It is important to understand that mega-doses of calcium are neither necessary, nor desirable. The body can only absorb a maximum of 500 milligrams of calcium at a time, so it is best to supplement with this amount along with vitamin D and also eat a diet that is rich in calcium. Some of the best natural sources of calcium include dairy products, sardines, tofu, calcium fortified cereals and green, leafy vegetables. Vita Living provides an excellent assortment of calcium and vitamin D dietary supplements.

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