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  • Physician's Strength 100% Wild Oil of Oregano 13.5 ml Physician's Strength 100% Wild Oil of Oregano 13.5 ml

    Physician's Strength Dietary SupplementServing Size:2 Drop Servings Per Container:216    Amount Per Serving Proprietary blend 50 mg  In extra virgin olive oil   Wild Mediterranean oregano oil, P73    Directions: Take two or more drops under the tongue or in juice or water daily. Rub topically. (Heat sensation is normal). Caution: Keep away from genitals, eyes, and out of the reach of children. 


  • Physician's Strength Fung-X 1 oz Physician's Strength Fung-X 1 oz

    Support for Skin, Nails, and Body Fung-X is a powerful, five-spice oil blend that supports the continued health of skin and nails. It can also be used internally, along with a healthy diet low in sugars, to support the body’s natural response to fungus. In vitro and in vivo studies show that the spice oils contained in Fung-X support a healthy immune response.   Dietary Considerations Non-GMO   Suggested Use Take 5 drops under the tongue 2 or 3 times daily or in juice or water with meals. Rub topically as needed. Also rub topically into nail beds.   Serving Size: 5 Drop   Servings Per Container: 173   Amount Per Serving Proprietary blend in E V olive oil Wild oreganol P73 blend Wild bay leaf oil Wild mountain sage leaf oil Wild cumin seed oil Wild myrtle leaf oil


  • Physician's Strength Wild Cilantro/Coriander Oil 30 ml Physician's Strength Wild Cilantro/Coriander Oil 30 ml

    Coriander is the cilantro seed. Serving Size:2 Drop Servings Per Container:216   Ingredients: Propietary blend 50 mg containing Extra Virgin olive oil and Wild Mediterranean coriander oil. Directions: One or several drops under the tongue or in juice/water. Add to food to enliven any dish.


Physician's Strength Products

Physician's Strength combines organic herbs and spices from around the world to provide you with award winning supplements that are pure and potent. The ingredients are obtained from around the globe from the mountains of Canada to the most remote native tribal lands. Physician's Strength provides exciting flavors, rich colors and potent ingredients in every one of its formulas. Each whole food ingredient is carefully chosen based on its therapeutic value and efficacy.

Physician's Strength offers a complete line of all natural organic products to help improve your life. The company offers a plethora of organic products, including oils, gel caps, veggie caps, liquids, creams and powders. The company began by producing oil of oregano which is an antiviral and antifungal herbal remedy. Another product is made using oil of fennel. Fennel is known to aid various digestive issues, visual problems and inflammations. Coriander is used as an antispasmodic, analgesic, fungicide and stimulant. Physician's Strength formulas use all natural ingredients to treat a variety of health conditions naturally.

Physician’s Strength was founded in 1999 to provide research-driven formulas. Their supplements are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Each product is tested to ensure it is free from solvents, alcohol and chemicals. From the raw ingredients to the finished product, Physician’s Strength utilizes clinical research and testing to ensure efficacy, purity and potency. The laboratory completes a certificate of analysis on each batch of every formula to ensure you receive a high quality product. Each formula is manufactured using a proprietary blend of nourishing herbs, aromatic spices, delicious berries and whole foods. Physician’s Strength does clinical trials to ensure the product you receive gives you optimum therapeutic benefits.

Physician’s Strength has been providing pharmaceutical strength formulas based on nature. Physician’s Strength supplements harness the power of Mother Nature and provide you with all natural formulas that improve health, provide symptom relief and increase longevity. Every ingredient is chosen based on its reactionary processes and therapeutic benefits.

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