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  • Deva Nutrition Vitamin E 400 IU-Mixed Tocoph. 90 vcaps Deva Nutrition Vitamin E 400 IU-Mixed Tocoph. 90 vcaps

    Vitamin E 400 IU-Mixed Tocoph. 90 vcaps Dietary Supplement The Vitamin E used in this product is derived from Non-GMO Sunflowers and, is SOY-FREE. It contains d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma and d-delta tocopherols. DIRECTIONS: One (1) vegan capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your health care provider. Supplement Facts Serving Size: 1 CapsuleServings per container: 90 Amount per serving Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) 400 IUMixed Tocopherols (d-gamma, d-beta, d-delta) 20 mg OTHER INGREDIENTS: Vegan Capsule (Cellulose), Sunflower Oil. (All from non-animal sources)FOOD SENSITIVITY: Free of soy, yeast, wheat, gluten, starch, corn, sugar, salt, shellfish, dairy, eggs; animal products, byproducts or derivatives.This product does NOT contain animal products, derivatives or byproducts. 100% VEGETARIAN, VEGAN. This product is Certified Vegan by the Vegan Society. STORE IN A COOL, DRY PLACE. TAMPER EVIDENT: DO NOT USE IF IMPRINTED SEAL UNDER CAP IS BROKEN.WARNING: Always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplements.


Deva Nutrition Products

Deva Nutrition was founded in 2003 to provide health conscious consumers with a wide selection of high quality dietary supplements. The company’s complete line of vitamins, minerals, and supplements are certified by the Vegan Society as vegetarian and vegan. Each formulation has been developed by physicians and nutritionist with your health in mind. These affordable supplements provide you with the necessary nutrients your body needs to maintain health, vitality and vigor. Quality abounds during the production of Deva Nutrition vitamins. The company utilizes Good Manufacturing Practices and laboratory tests to ensure efficacy, potency and purity.

Deva Nutrition offers a complete line of nutrients you need to maintain and enhance your health. The company’s Omega-3 formula supplies you with Omega-3 fatty acids via microalgae oil that is free of contaminants. This eco-friendly and sustainable microalgae oil is cultured in a US facility using potable drinking water. The Sea Buckthorn provides essential Omega-7 fatty acids in easy to swallow vegan capsule. Deva Nutrition’s Vitamin E protects against cellular oxidation. All of Deva Nutrition’s formulas are free of animal derivatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, starch, soy, salt, sugar, artificial colors and fragrances, dairy, eggs and fish.

Deva Nutrition vitamins are produced in an FDA regulated manufacturing facility using the current Good Manufacturing Practices. Each raw material is assayed to ensure purity, efficacy and potency. Absolutely no animal byproducts are used in any of Deva Nutrition’s vitamins or supplements. After each batch of supplements is manufactured, final quality inspections are performed. These final inspections include visual inspection, weight verification, and laboratory testing before the products are bottled.

Deva Nutrition has been providing affordable solutions to treat a plethora of health concerns. Deva is a member of Green America and is a sustainable company based on socially just principles. Every supplement offered by Deva Nutrition is formulated using the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition. Each vegan formula promotes health and healing by providing the body with the necessary nutrients it needs.

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