Many people use humidifiers to make very dry air easier to breathe. This is especially helpful in the winter time when indoor air is dried out by heating. A humidifier also helps people who have asthma to breathe easier. Dry air is hard on the skin of the mucus membranes, the eyes and the epidermis.

While it can be very helpful to use a humidifier to produce moist air for greater comfort, it is also very important to use it correctly to avoid encouraging the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria, mildew and mold. One of the first things you should do when choosing a humidifier to provide moist and clean air to your home is to choose the right humidifier to suit your needs. At Vita Living, we offer high quality attractive humidifiers to help you create a healthy atmosphere in your home. 

Among the types of humidifiers available today, you will find ultrasonic humidifiers that make use of sound to produce cool, moist air that is unlikely to spread microorganisms. Evaporative humidifiers make use of a fan to blow moisture into an absorbent material are also unlikely to spread microorganisms. Steam vaporizers first heat and then cool the moisture that is sent into the environments. Impeller humidifiers blow a cool mist into the room via a rotating disk operating at very high speeds. Of the choices, this is the least desirable. 

No matter which type of humidifier you use, you must always be sure to use distilled water for the best and most hygienic results. Always be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions by changing the demineralization cartridge regularly and cleaning and allowing the humidifier to dry daily. When you choose your humidifier with care, follow instructions closely and take good care of your unit, it will provide you with many years of good service.