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Planetary Herbals Astragalus Jade Screen 100 tabs
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Planetary Herbals Astragalus Jade Screen™ is a classic Chinese herbal formula (Yu Ping Feng Wan) consisting of premium grade Astragalus membranaceus with the Chinese tonics atractylodes and siler. Modern research confirms the use of astragalus supports immune defenses. Ancient texts say this preparation will "protect you from the cold winds as if surrounded by a screen of jade." ** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended...

Planetary Herbals Cinnamon Glucose Balance 90 tabs
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Planetary Herbals Cinnamon Glucose Balance™ is a comprehensive blend of herbs and nutrients designed for the support of healthy metabolic function and the maintenance of blood sugar levels already within the normal range. The key botanicals in this unique formula have been shown by modern research to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels, insulin function, and antioxidant defense.** These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not...

Planetary Herbals Guggul Cholesterol Compound 90 tabs
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Guggul Cholesterol Compound™ 90 tabsDietary SupplementGuggul is one of the most valued botanicals for supporting cholesterol wellness. Planetary Herbals Guggul Cholesterol Compound™ utilizes a guggul extract that delivers 75 mg of guggulsterones daily, blended in the traditional manner with triphala and select spices.*Suggested Use: 2 tablets twice daily between meals.Supplement FactsServing Size 2 TabletsAmount Per ServingTotal Carbohydrate 1 gCalcium 113 mgGuggul Extract...

Planetary Herbals Kudzu Recovery 120 tabs
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Planetary Herbals Kudzu Recovery™ features the roots and flowers of kudzu (Pueraria lobata), which have long been used in Chinese herbalism to help lessen the desire for alcohol. Researchers have identified two constituents in kudzu responsible for this activity, daidzein and daidzin, which in animal research have been found to cause a similar effect. These are combined with coptis, a primary cleansing and liver-supporting herb from Chinese herbalism, and other key botanicals...