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Springreen Natural Source Vitamin C 120 tabs
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Ingredients per tablet: Vitamin C 60 mg (from dehydrated juice of the Acerola Berry (cherry) Vitamin C 40 mg (from Wild Spanish Orange) Powdered Honey Dried Blackstrap Molasses Suggested Use: One tablet per day or as otherwise desired for dietary supplementation. Chew or allow to dissolve on tongue, as preferred.

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Ingredients: Colloidal Bentonite (USP Grade) containing the active constituent Montmorillinite super refined with demineralized water as vehicleSuggested Use: 1 tsp for each 50 lb of body weight 2 times a day. 1st dose with warm water upon arising, 2nd dose undiluted with p.m. meal. Drink at least one glass of water between meals to assist elimination through kidneys

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Companion Product The cleansing action of this product is complemented when taken with Springreen #77 DETOXIFICANT, liquid Bentonite (montmorillonite). This product has the property of being able to bind 40-times its own weight in positively charged material, and remove it from the body via the digestive tract. These companion products can be taken together by adding (to juice or water) one or two tablespoons of #77 DETOXIFICANT before adding the #79 INTESTINAL CLEANSER. Put cover on...

Springreen Seven Day Cleansing Kit 1 kit
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Dietary SupplementContains:#30 GreenLife 360 tabs#77 Detoxificant 32 oz#79 Intestinal Cleanser 10 oz#83 Wheat Germ Oil 120 caps#87 Natural Source Vitamin C 120 tabsComplimentary Sample of Herbal Supplement 14 tabs#30 GreenLife 360 tabsServing Size: 12 tabletsServings Per Container: 30Amount Per Serving:Calories 20Total Carbohydrate 3 gSugars <1 gProtein 1 gVitamin A 1,546 IUVitamin C 76 mgVitamin E 1 IUThiamine 0.1 mgRiboflavin 0.2 mgNiacin 2 mgVitamin B6 0.1 mgFolic acid 54 mcgVitamin B12...