Secretory IgA Saliva Test Kit

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Ordering the BioHealth test kit is a simple process

1. Purchase the BioHealth test kit from You never have to pay for shipping.

2. Your BioHealth test kit will be mailed to you.

3. You will also be provided with a Free Return Shipping label to send your samples to the lab.

4. Collect your saliva or stool sample as per directions in the test kit.

5. Mail the test kit using the Free Shipping label.

6. Your test results will be emailed to you within 3 weeks.

Mucosal surfaces are the first lines of defense against invasion and colonization by pathogenic microorganisms. The principal molecule of mucosal immune responses is Secretory IgA (sIgA), which is produced by activated B-cells. Upon activation, B-cells in the mucosa form immune complexes with the pathogens and antigens encountered, thereby preventing antigen attachment to the intestinal wall, which may result in antigen penetration of the intestinal lining.

IgA is the only immunoglobulin isotype that can be selectively passed across mucosal walls to reach the lumens of organs lined with mucosal cells. An imbalance of protective SIgA can result in a compromised mucosal immunity and eventual gastrointestinal, immunological and neurological disorders.

Run this test as a follow-up to more comprehensive immunological testing. See BH #205-S, BH #304.

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