Innovation has been a hallmark at Rainshowr since the beginning. Having learned about the toxic effects of chlorine on hair and skin, George Ricci had an innovative idea that removing chlorine from shower water would make for a more healthful shower. This idea turned into 2 years of exploration and research on various media and designs that would effectively remove chorine from shower water.

The break through came with the discovery of KDF55. KDF is a patented, non-lead alloy of copper and zinc. Because of the molecular tension between these two noble metals when placed in an aqueous solution, a galvanic charge is created. This charge re-establishes the electro-chemical action which originally separated chlorine from sodium in a brine solution.

Without this electro-chemical action it is impossible to convert free chlorine into a simple, soluble and harmless chloride. KDF 55 had traditionally been used to remove chlorine in large commercial drinking water applications. Rainshowr was the first to envision its use in a small body dechlorinating filter for use in the shower. This innovation would create a new industry of shower and bath water filtration.

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