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Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs

Premier Research Labs (PRL) is a company dedicated to producing high quality supplements to enable people to take control of their health and enjoy optimum fitness. Premier Research Labs nutritional supplements are excipient-free. This means they contain no questionable inert ingredients such as binders, fillers and other inactive ingredients. Supplements without unnecessary and harmful additives help people detoxify the body while obtaining the very best of health.

Vita Living is proud to offer high quality PRL products with the opportunity to earn Vita Rewards Points. Choose from our line of Premier Research labs (PRL) products including Ultra Pollen, Adaptogen, MaxB ND, super foods and other nutraceutical formulations of unsurpassed quality. Remember we offer only the best in quantum-state therapeutic strategies.

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The PRL model is the Quantum Physics Model of limitless healing, which surpasses the old-fashioned biochemical model. With PRL products, you can enjoy completely functional coherence of the biofield. These products aggressively engage the processes of illness and aging and help consumers reach higher levels of health, fitness and well-being. Health professionals agree that Premier Research Labs products greatly exceed all expectations in terms of performance.

PRL products are the result of over three decades of intensive research and development. These fine products are aimed at creating paradigm changes and cohesion at the genetic level. You may very well find yourself healthier than before, no matter what your current age or condition. Its worth giving this innovative, unique, anti-aging, pro-healing technology a try with the great values available at Vita Living.