Weleda Essential Medicines


Weleda Essential Medicines

Weleda Essential Medicines was founded in 1921 by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Dr. Ita Wegman. The company provides holistic pharmaceuticals and cosmetics for Anthroposophical therapy. Anthroposophy brings the body, spirit and soul into alignment with itself and the environment. Weleda helps restore your body's natural balance to promote healthy living. When the body is balanced, it has the natural ability to heal itself. This healing begins by providing the body with ingredients straight from nature, including plant leaves, blossoms and roots along with potent mineral. Each of Weleda Essential Medicines formulas is custom compounded in the company's own pharmacy.

Weleda Essential Medicines offers formulas to help support normal digestion and temporarily relieves digestive disturbances. The supplements help relieve cold and flu symptoms, shortness of breath, sinus congestion, allergies and frontal headache. Formulas for pain alleviation, including relief from bruises, strains, menstrual pain and occasional muscle pain are also available. For those suffering from nervousness, sleeplessness or agitation, Weleda Essential Medicines have formulas to help overcome stress and the effects it has on a person's life. Finally, Weleda formulas offer support for the cardiovascular system, immune system and liver functions.

For almost a century, Weleda Essential Medicines has been providing high quality supplements based on Anthroposophy. The theory that the body, spirit and mind is intrinsically linked to the environment and the world. Each wholesome formula utilizes this theory and seeks to help the body heal itself naturally using ingredients straight from nature. Patients who use the company's formulas find healing, balance and wellness. Every ingredient helps promote health, improve vitality and increase longevity.

Weleda is concerned about your safety. Each formula utilizes doses that are small enough to treat your conditions. Each raw material is checked for purity and efficacy using the most rigorous standards. Weleda uses ingredients listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS). Therefore, each formula is manufactured using the Homeopathic Pharmacopeia Standards in a medicinal Good Manufacturing Practices.