Unitrex was founded to provide you with attractive and functional products to enhance the look and feel of your home. Each affordable product helps you define your space with a custom one of a kind look. The Cleveland, Ohio based company's products are used in today's top spas to evoke a sense of peace and tranquility. The Unitrex Aroma Mist unit humidifies the air without heat or chemicals. There are four lighting options available on the ultrasonic mister and diffuser. Whether you opt for the color-changing option to help create a sense of ambiance or the pink or blue only option, you can rest assure that you home will be filled with a delightful scent. The Unitrex Aroma Mist unit produces a powerful steam that allows your choice of essential oils to be dispersed throughout your surroundings.

Each mister offers three hours of continuous scent. The unit is easy to use. Simple add one half a cup of plain tap water to the unit and a few drops of essential oil. The unit is UL approved and comes with an AC adapter to make using it a breeze. Additionally, the misting unit is perfect to take along with you on trips. Its small size can easily be stowed in any carry-on bag so you can bring the freshness of home right to your hotel room.

The Unitrex aroma mist unit works perfectly with any fragrant essential oil you have on hand. Simply place a few drops in the reservoir along with tap water. The simplicity of this design is so safe you can use it almost anywhere. There are no open flames or heat to worry about.

Unitrex offers a full line of attractive products designed to create tranquility in an easy to use humidifier. To keep your home or business safe, Unitrex utilizes steam technology that does not require heat or flame. Begin to fill your home with your favorite scents by purchasing the award winning Unitrex Aroma Mist unit.