Springreen, founded in 1946 by Victor Earl Irons, produces and distributes a superior line of vitamins, minerals and cleansing aids to help you achieve optimal health. Springreen provides your body with important nutrients to purify the blood, detoxify the body, and promote healing. The company's natural whole foods supply you with essential amino acids, enzymes and synergists needed for optimal health. Springreen offers high quality green food products.

Springreen Seven Day Cleansing Kit provides everything you need to cleanse your body naturally . The formula is comprised of concentrated, dried grass root, purified water and Bentonite clay. The formula helps eliminate toxins from the body so it can heal itself naturally. The program includes GreenLife tablets, an intestinal cleanser, a detoxificant, wheat germ oil. Vitamin C and herbal supplement tablets. Springreen also offers natural vitamin C tablets and whole beet plant juice tablets. The vitamin C tablets contain dehydrated wild Spanish orange and Acerola berry along with powdered honey and blackstrap molasses. The whole beet plant juice tablets contain beets that are organically grown and absolutely no chemical fertilizers or insecticides are used during the planting, growing or harvesting of the beets.

Springreen follows stringent quality control standards to ensure you receive a pure, potent, efficacious product. None of the ingredients are chemically treated, refined, materially altered or pasteurized to ensure the products retain their enzymes and nutrients. The company uses amber glass bottles to help maintain the potency and quality of each of its products. Springreen removes the oxygen from each bottle and replaces it with nitrogen to ensure freshness.