Prime Herbs


Prime Herbs

Prime Herbs offers a large selection of herbal formulas based on traditional Chinese medicine. Prime Herbs is a leading manufacturer of herbal remedies for both physicians and consumers. Prime Herbs offers quality alternative remedies to help improve health and well-being. The company's complete line of holistic nutraceuticals features all natural ingredients to provide relief from a plethora of health ailments in easy to swallow and digest formulas.

Prime Herbs offers a complete line of products to improve your health and longevity using traditional Chinese herbal formulas along with the latest in scientific findings. Their formulas help improve and regulate your Qi, help remove parasites, and improve blood circulation. Other formulas help relieve stress, relieve weakness, and stimulate digestion. Each of Prime Herbs formulas includes ancient herbs along with the latest findings in nutraceuticals to offer relief to a variety of ailments, including decreased constitution. 

Prime Herbs formulas blend herbs, plants and minerals to restore and maintain your health. Prime Herbs formulations are made using the latest in extraction techniques to ensure each nutrient offers its full therapeutic benefit. Each formula is blended using precise measurements to create potent formulas based on traditional Chinese medicine. All ingredients are blended to improve your health by utilizing state of the art techniques in the nutraceutical world.

Prime Herbs gives consumers the latest innovative formulas based on ancient Chinese formulas. This leading manufacturer provides nutraceutical supplements to both physicians and their patients. These holistic formulas treat a variety of health conditions using natural ingredients. Vita Living offers the best nutraceutical supplements Prime Herbs has to offer in convenient easy to swallow formulas.