Nutramax Labs


Nutramax Labs

Nutramax Labs was founded in 1992 in Lancaster, South Carolina. The company specializes in researching and developing high quality human and veterinary products for your beloved pets. Nutramax conducts laboratory research and clinical studies to produce formulas to promote health and healing. Nutramax supplements are manufactured in a Good Manufacturing Practices facility using stringent quality standards. The company's complete line of nutritious products helps improve your health and the health of your pet.

Nutramax Labs formulas help provide relief from joint pain using Certified for Sport premium joint health formulas. The company's line of Cosamin products provides relief for joint pain by repairing cartilage, reducing inflammation and stimulating new cartilage growth. Nutramax Labs Avoca ASU is a vegetarian, gluten-free formula that utilizes avocados and soybeans to provide you with the nutrition your joints need to heal and be healthy. Nutramax veterinary supplements are designed to provide relief from a plethora of veterinary conditions using natural ingredients. For example, Nutramax Labs Bactaquin for Dogs is formulated to restore digestive health and support your pet's intestinal balance. Another formula, Cosequin provides joint relief for your furry friend.

Nutramax Labs is a certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Each raw material is inspected to ensure purity and potency. Each product is reviewed for contaminants, including chemicals, heavy metals and pesticides. The quality department verifies that each label is true and contains the correct supplement. Nutramax Labs audits its two facilities to ensure compliance with the FDA's Good Manufacturing Practices. All of these quality standards are used to certify that every product is reliable, effective, potent and pure.

For more than 20 years, this private Christian-based company has been developing and manufacturing supplements designed to improve your health and the health of your beloved pet. Each nutritious Nutramax supplement is screened for toxins and heavy metals to ensure each formula is pure and effective. Nutramax supplements are developed using the latest scientific discoveries. The complete line of Nutramax supplements are manufactured with quality in mind, and it is shown in the results.