Nelson Bach


Nelson Bach

Dr. Edward Bach developed Nelson Bach Flower Remedies in 1936 to treat a variety of ailments. Through his research, Dr. Bach found that a person's emotional levels directly correlate with how quickly the patient recovers from a physical ailment. Today's scientists now agree that stress can have a negative effect upon the body's ability to fight infection. Nelson Bach Flower Remedies offer 38 Bach remedies based on a specific mood, personality or emotion. Each of their formulas is made using non-toxic trees and plants. Nelson Bach offers effective formulas to balance your emotions and treat negative personality traits using mother nature.

This family owned business is the United Kingdom's largest natural healthcare manufacturer. They offer a variety of products, including their world famous Rescue Remedy which combines 5 flower essences to help eliminate stress and help you cope with the day to day demands of life. Nelson Bach Rescue Energy helps relieve emotional fatigue, while Nelson Bach Rescue Sleep helps you relax and get to sleep faster. Additionally, Nelson Bach Flower Remedies offers single flower essence formulas to help you stand your ground, reach out to others, live the day, live and let live, face your fears, find joy and hope, and know your mind.

Vita Living offers a wide variety of Nelson Back remedies at attractive prices. Each formula is manufactured using Good Manufacturing Practices to ensure safety and purity. These guidelines were set forth by the World Health Organization. Nelson Bach Flower Remedies employs a team of over 200 professionals. Each formula is produced using Dr. Bach's traditional methods to provide you with proven formulas that deliver results.

As Europe's longest established homeopathic manufacturer, Nelson Bach Flower Remedies exports their remedies to over 70 countries. Their mission is based on the statement: inner balance equals outer change. Their tinctures help to provide emotional support for you and your family members based on over 75 years of experience in Bach Remedies.