Nature's Sources


Nature's Sources

Nature's Sources was founded in 1995 by Lee Frank. Mr. Frank developed the first ever plant based digestive enzyme formula for humans named AbsorbAid. This Niles, Illinois based company prides itself on only manufacturing scientifically proven and clinically tested digest enzyme formulas. All of Nature's Sources enzymes have been clinically tested by the Mayo Clinic and Roche Clinic. The laboratory findings stated that absorption of nutrients was increased by up to seventy one percent. Nature's Sources also developed Kolorex, an antifungal line of products.

Each of Nature's Sources enzymes is made using the latest in plant based nutraceutical technologies. Nature's Sources products are developed with your health in mind. Only the finest ingredients are used in the manufacture of each formula using a proprietary blend of herbs, minerals and vitamins. The company's complete line of probiotics, prebiotics, antifungals and digestive enzyme formulas help with many of the problems associated with a weakened immune system.

Nature's Sources cares about your health and only manufactures pure, potent and effective formulas. Each of the company's formulas is comprised of the finest ingredients. Nature's Sources enzymes are produced in a Food and Drug Administration certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility. Every product is formulated using plant based ingredients to ensure your health is protected. The company utilizes sustainable products during manufacturing, packaging and distribution of each of its products.

Third party laboratory testing is performed on Nature's Sources enzymes to ensure you receive a quality product. Whether you need a product to improve absorption of nutrients, a digestive aid or a product that has antifungal properties, Nature's Sources has you covered. The company's complete line of enzymes promotes health, improves vitality and increases longevity using ingredients from nature.