Natural Immunogenics


Natural Immunogenics

Natural Immunogenics was founded in 1998 by Stephen L. Quinto with the help of a University of Miami chemist. Mr. Stephen Quinto believed that colloidal silver was the missing ingredient to increasing the body's immune system naturally. Numerous studies later, Mr. Quinto developed a pure, safe colloidal silver hydrosol in December of 1999 named Sovereign Silver. Then two years later, Mr. Quinto developed a professional brand of colloidal silver named Argentyn. The professional formula is available in a liquid format, a vertical spray and a fine mist spray. The registered and certified Good Manufacturing Practices facility offers the latest innovations in colloidal silver to boost your immunity naturally.

Natural Immunogenics delivers high quality colloidal silver hydrosol to improve immunity and enhance your overall health and well-being. Natural Immunogenics seeks to provide you with a colloidal silver supplement that has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective. Natural Immunogenics has performed numerous laboratory tests to ensure the reliability of each of their products.

Natural Immunogenics has been certified by the NSF International as a Good Manufacturing Practices facility. The company utilizes stringent quality standards along with independent verifications at its manufacturing facility. Each batch is assayed to ensure purity, potency and efficacy. Natural Immunogenics continuously raises the bar when it comes to colloidal silver by setting industry standards for safety and quality.

The hydrosol formula was developed utilizing the latest in scientific technologies to provide you with effective immune boosting colloidal silver that has been proven safe by the top laboratories and scientific communities. Each formula provides your body with the ingredients necessary to boost your natural immunity.