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  • Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction 30 ml Mushroom Wisdom Maitake PETfraction 30 ml

    Description Ultimate Immune Enhancer Maitake (Grifola frondosa) has been one of the most prized medicinal mushrooms in traditional Japanese herbology. Maitake Beta-1,3 and Beta-1,6 glucans combined with protein (Proteoglucan) has been identified by modern science as the active ingredient that stimulates immune system. PETfraction has been specially developed for use with pets.   Suggested Use Give 1 - 3 drop(s) per 2 pounds body weight per day.   Inactive Ingredients: vegetable glycerine, purified water PETfraction contains 1.1 mg of a standardized Proteoglucan extract (known as Maitake D-Fraction) in a drop. Each bottle contains 820 drops.   Warnings Store in cool dry place. Keep out of reach of children.


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Mushroom Wisdom is a leader in research, development and production of mushroom supplements. Each formula has been rigorously tested by scientific panels to provide you with solutions for a plethora of ailments. This New Jersey based company began with offering Maitake mushroom extract to help support immune functions and healthy blood sugar levels. Mushroom Wisdom's extensive mycological research based on Japan's and China's centuries old knowledge of mushrooms has sky rocketed this company into a global leader in medicinal mushroom supplements.

Mushroom Wisdom offers a full line of condition specific medical mushroom supplements. Each supplement is designed to support your immune system,enhance neurological functions, maintain healthy blood sugar levels and much more. Since 1991, Mushroom Wisdom has been providing medical mushroom supplements based on scientific discoveries and herbal remedies. The formulas are offered in tablets, caplets and liquids. Each supplement is free from pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, yeast, mold, sugar, gluten, dairy products and artificial colors to ensure purity.

Every mushroom is grown in its natural environment in Zhejiang Province, China. No pesticides, fertilizer or herbicides are used in the growing and harvesting of the mushrooms. When harvest time arrives, every mushroom is carefully examined to ensure purity and efficacy. Then, the mushrooms are shipped to the New Jersey based production facility. Mushroom Wisdom has been granted a pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice certification. Once the raw materials are manufactured into their supplement form, additional laboratory tests are completed to reconfirm efficacy and purity before the supplements are packaged.

This advanced dietary supplement company utilizes researchers and inventors from China, Japan and the United States to provide innovative solutions to a variety of health conditions. The company's commitment to providing innovative natural solutions for a plethora of health conditions has continued since inception.

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