Motherlove was founded by Kathryn Higgins in 1990 to offer high quality herbal supplements specifically developed for pregnant mothers. Each of the company's products is manufactured using pure certified organic ingredients. Motherlove offers a complete line of products formulated for lactating and nursing mothers. The company offers formulas to help increase breast milk by combining a proprietary blend of herbs, including goat's rue, fenugreek and blessed thistle. Motherlove also offers formulas to help stimulate mammary tissue for adoptive mothers and those who have undergone breast surgery.

The company cares for its patients and the environment. Absolutely no animal testing is utilized during the product development, manufacturing or testing of any of the company's products.

Motherlove supplements are manufactured using highly therapeutic ingredients. The company uses Good Manufacturing Practices according to the Food and Drug Administration and the AHPA. The company begins the manufacturing process by choosing only the finest herbs. Each product is inspected for Coliforms, heavy metals and bacteria. Motherlove supplements are certified kosher and organic.

For almost a quarter of a century, Motherlove has been providing premium quality herbal formulas. Kathryn Higgins, founder of Motherlove, seeks to provide formulas safe for pregnant and nursing mothers. The company provides holistic body care products using the finest ingredients to help nurture, heal and soothe a woman.