Metametrix provides clinical laboratory products with the mission to improve the health worldwide. Founded in 1984 by J. Alexander Bralley, Metametrix offers kits for nutritional, metabolic, and toxicant testing.

Vita Living provides Metametrix testing kits that are highly used by physicians for hormonal imbalance, toxicant, biotransformation, detoxificatioyun, gastrointestinal, microbiome, and nutrients checks. The pioneer in nutritional, metabolic, and toxicant testing, Metametrix has introduced:

- Quantitative fatty acids analysis

- DNA identification of gut microbes

- Fingerstick technology for non-invasive option

- Quantitative organic acid analysis to identify nutrient and metabolic imbalances

To ensure consistent quality, the laboratory is monitored through external and internal programs. Metametrix regularly participates in programs conducted by National Institute of Standards & Technology, American Association of Bioanalysts, and College of American Pathologists. Moreover, split samples are run within laboratory and with other labs during internal quality checks.