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Lumina Health

The complete range of CELLFOOD oxygen nutrition and skin care products optimize health, increase physical performance, and renew dermal strength.

The CELLFOOD from NuScience Corporation is a unique concentrate that provides vital nutrients, hydrogen, and oxygen to the body. It is the world's number one selling oxygen + nutrient supplement that contain 17 amino acids, 78 minerals, and 34 enzymes.

Proprietary water-splitting technology is utilized by CELLFOOD to provide bio-available oxygen and 129 nutrients directly to the body cells. Some of the benefits of CELLFOOD include:

- It decreases the excess free radical activity in the body by up to 27%, thus works as a powerful antioxidant.

- It increases oxygen uptake & decreases lactic acid accumulation, thus surging the athletic performance.

- Eliminate toxins and balance pH.

CELLFOOD contains finest natural and plant-based organic substances. It is free from alcohol, gluten, yeast, and glucose. The product is completely non-addictive, non-toxic, and non-invasive.