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  • Herbalist & Alchemist Astragalus/Echinacea Compound 2 fl oz Herbalist & Alchemist Astragalus/Echinacea Compound 2 fl oz

    Humidifiers (regularly cleaned) help reduce respiratory infections. Increase vitamin C, mixed carotinoids and zinc to stimulate immune system and prevent infection.   Serving Size:60 Drop   Servings Per Container:20 Amount Per Serving   Proprietary Blend Extracts Of:3 ml Echinacea purpurea root** Andrographis herb*** Astragalus root** Eleuthero root*** Echinacea purpurea flower** Oregon grape root*** Myrrh resin***   Suggested Use:40-60 drops (2-3 mL) in juice or water. Take 3-4 times per day as needed.   Contraindications: Do not use during pregnancy. Keep out of children's reach. **Certified organic ***Ecologically harvested

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