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Detox Boost Liposomol Glutathione 1.7oz Happy Bodies
Detox Boost Liposomol Glutathione 1.7oz
Happy Bodies
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Happy Bodies grew out of a personal health crisis that triggered a long and exhausting search for a path to wellness. Happy Bodies developed its Detox Cocktail premixed powder in order to make the dietary supplement available in a convenient form that costs less than half per serving versus mixing your own. Happy Bodies line has since grown to include HB-MAG magnesium citrate and HB-PC phosphatidyl choline, with several exciting new products in the pipeline. Happy Bodies is built upon four guiding principles - Quality, Integrity, Safety and Science. Happy Bodies is the creator of the original Detox Cocktail.

Happy Bodies products are formulated to deliver therapeutic dosages of the purest ingredients and never contain fillers, preservatives, excipients or artificial colors or flavors. Happy Bodies meet or exceed all regulatory standards, labels are truthful and accurate. Each ingredient in the products is permitted to be marketed as a dietary supplement ingredient pursuant to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

Studies have shown that our bodies accumulate toxins that can damage critical internal body systems. Happy Bodies believe that your body has the natural ability to cleanse itself. It's mission is to provide you with products and information that safely support and enhance this natural detoxification process.