GreenDog Naturals


GreenDog Naturals

Green Dog Naturals was founded in 2008 to provide high quality nutritional supplements for your beloved dog. Each food supplement promotes longevity and health by providing your furry friend with nutrient rich whole foods. The Green Dog Naturals line of products was developed by Rainbow Light, a company with over a quarter of a century experience in delivering high quality natural human nutritional products. The research team along with herbalist Christopher Hobbs, canine nutritional scientists, and a holistic veterinarian has developed a complete line of canine supplements comprised of organic ingredients to address the whole health of your dog.

Green Dog Naturals provides a complete line of pet supplements and whole food options to keep your pet healthy. The company’s Healthy Motion formula provides the nutrients your pet needs for a healthy musculoskeletal system, and Active Omega Soft Chews provide your pet with essential fatty acids to keep him/her alert, happy and energized. Another product, Whole Dog Daily, provides complete nutrition. Green Dog’s Complete Calm helps zealous, overactive canines remain calm and offers stress relieving nutrients. Finally, the company’s Immuno-Build provides antioxidants and amino acids to support a dog’s immune system.

Green Dog Natural products incorporate organic raw materials whenever possible in each of its formulas. Both Complete Calm and Whole Dog Daily are certified as organic by Quality Assurance International. Each product is manufactured in a certified organic manufacturing facility. Each ingredient is tested for authenticity, purity and potency. Green Dog Naturals state of the art manufacturing facility boasts FDA compliance by utilizing Good Manufacturing Practices.

For almost a decade, Green Dog Naturals has been keeping dogs healthy by providing them with optimal nutrition. The complete line of products offered helps strengthen bones and muscles, improve overall health and promote longevity. A plethora of professionals works together to develop nutritional formulas you can depend on. The company utilizes the latest in scientific and holistic discoveries to keep your dog healthy and fit.